Must Do’s 18th to 24th March

Firstly, thanks to everyone for their comments on Janes Saturday post….personally, I still can’t make my mind up 😉

It’s been a good week, the highlight being meeting up with Pauline Conolly (who was visiting from Australia) and Madalyn Morgan for lunch at The British Museum followed by cake at The Cordon Bleu Cafe 🙂

So here’s what I managed to achieve last week:
1. Faber homework. There wasn’t any lol. Tonight’s session is with an agent.
2. Add/do 1000 words on Still. Well, I didn’t do 1000 words, but it was about 500.
3. Do the 250 word synopsis. I now have 95 words lol
4. Catch up with blogs and emails. This is such an ongoing thing that I’m not going to add it in future. Just be aware that I am always behind 😦
5. Have a play with Scrivener. Well, I did open it, did start reading the guide, all 539 pages of it! *gulp*
6. Finish my book. Epic fail 😦 But only because I’ve done quite a bit of writing this week. I’ve gone back to basics and been handwriting every day. It’s worked with getting me inspired again. I’ve been using the prompts to write scenes for the novel 🙂

Must Do’s for this week are:


I really must make a start on the research for the A-Z challenge!

What are your writing plans for the week?

20 thoughts on “Must Do’s 18th to 24th March

  1. One of the things I must do is read your last blog! Haven’t had time yet with the skating competition here and social events and my own work. But I do want to read it!


  2. Start on this bit if fanfic my friend and I are in competition over, finish one of the pieces I started last week, and finish up the short story compilation (not likely, but still a goal). Always good to have goals…


    • Oooooo, exciting Pauline! I just so wish I could be there *deep sigh*

      Good luck honey! Will be thinking of you 🙂

      Awwwww, me too! Especially when I was in The London Review Bookshop last night 😉



  3. I am going to try to have goals this week. Last week was a miserable fail…I was sick with a very bad sore throat and only felt like reading as well as doing bare essentials. This week I am going to attempt to write something, anything, every single day. I need to catch up on making blog posts and get my head in the right spot. I’m still trying to catch up on emails and blog reading too(It’s about as never ending as the laundry. 🙂 )

    I’m still playing around with the Scrivner trial I downloaded. I like it and see how it could have perks working on some bigger projects, but I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. I think I’m also a hard convert, because I’m just used to a plain white piece of paper or blank white page on microsoft works for writing.


    • But at least you tried Sabrina 🙂 Sometimes that can be the hardest part.

      Have you managed to write every day? I’m making a conscious effort to do that, got right out of the habit 😦

      I haven’t been brave enough to try Scrivener…..yet….but now my Srivener for Dummies book has arrived I have no excuse, well, I do actually, 25,000 words that need to be read for class on Saturday *gulp*

      Good luck honey!



  4. I’ve been meaning to play with Scrivener too because I keep hearing it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but I still haven’t… Hope you figure it out and have a great writing week!


  5. Good progress all around, Vikki. Keep up the pace and keep us accountable along with you. My plans are to edit a few dozen old posts (cleaning up the back load on my blog) … doing a synopsis of my mystery, write another two-to-four posts to get ahead for April and May. Then my plans are to begin the first reading of the old draft I have of the second in the mystery trilogy. Getting ready to do that rewrite while I send out the other.

    It works to have companionship along the path we travel with our work. Thanks 🙂


  6. I want to explore Scrivener too, but I’m on Linux so I think the download/beta version is a bit trickier to install. Oh, listen to me, I should stop being a techno-coward and just try, right?!


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