Must Do’s 3rd to 9th June

Another busy week as ever, but, I like to be kept on my toes πŸ˜‰

So how did I do last week with my “To Do List”?

1. Work on 25 word pitch & reading for Faber. Well, I made a start, but not very successfully….must get it finished this week!

2. Edit at least 1 chapter of Tangled. Failed miserably 😦 It’s that editing thing again *sighs*

3. Start going to the gym. Another epic fail lol

4. Do 1 writing exercise every day. Done!

5. Work on my Now List. Done!

6. Do some studying every day. Done!

Isn’t it funny how the things you enjoy doing are the things that get done first on the list he he he!

So another hectic week coming up, but some really good stuff to look forward to πŸ™‚


What are your writing plans for the week?

37 thoughts on “Must Do’s 3rd to 9th June

  1. I have a few epic fails myself. lol It’s that fish or cut bait scenario. Can’t fish without bait, can’t cut bait because I’m fishing. ::Sigh:: When I figure out how to tape my laptop to my treadmill, all will be right with the world. I hope the Muse grabs you, everything falls into place, exercising goes off without a hitch, and in general you have a productive week . πŸ™‚


  2. Good luck with the 25 word pitch – not easy – by the way you didn’t do that prompt I sent lol
    Yeah I have a must do list which does get done, I have an ought to do list which rarely gets done and I have a fun list which does get done I have a writing buddy now in town and hope to get together this week. We sat in a restaurant the other day and slammed down words sort of free association trying to get the prompt of mine done. Great fun!


    • Thanks Sue πŸ™‚

      Did you send it in an e mail? If so i didnt get it 😦 I thought you were referring to a post on your blog lol

      Oh excellent, a writing buddy! I love meeting up with fellow writers, but we never actually seem to do any writing…too busy gassing lol πŸ˜‰

      Have a good week honey xx


  3. Can you use another word instead of fail? It doesn’t seem right when you have such a big list and you are doing things off that list. Maybe “not this week!”

    I’ve started doing a thousand word a day personal challenge in an attempt to push out a first draft. I hate first drafts. Getting my bum in the seat is hard.


    • Thats a good point Rebecca, although, i don’t mind the word fail, i see what you’re saying πŸ˜‰

      I know! Good for you πŸ™‚ Hope its going well.

      Thanks honey, hope you’re having a good week xx


  4. Writing plans for the week? I’ll probably sit and stare at the third chapter of my fourth book a few times and wonder why my muse decided to take a holiday and didn’t return. I’ll try and remember something fun to blog about hoping it gives the writer in me a kick start. It’s been this way for almost two years now and everyone thinks it’s time I started again but no matter how busy I am or how relaxed I am the block stays in place. Maybe it’ s fate trying to save the reading public LOL.


    • Awwwww, David, i hope your muse isn’t away for too long πŸ™‚

      Im so sorry honey to hear you’ve been blocked 😦

      Have you tried using any of the techniques that are floating around?

      Good luck xx


  5. You always impress! Thought you might like this Monday’s creative writing exercise for your one-a-day fix (unless you know someone called Malcolm and he looks like the man in the picture….in which case don’t go there.)


  6. You did 50% of your list. That seems like a success to me.
    This week I’m remembering to post something for IWSG and slogging away at the WIP.


  7. Vikki, I am submitting my first mystery here, there, and wherever. This week I want to do two more flash fictions from sentences sent by my readers, work on the opening three chapters of the second in the mystery series, and I will be doing a BETA read for a good friend. Lots on my plate. I wish us both good writing and lots of patience πŸ™‚


  8. Now that I’ve finished the massive revision course, I’m a bit at loose ends. Of course there’s IWSG this week, which is always fun, and then I hope to plan some more scenes for the WIP. I’m writing five hundred or so words day on it, and I’m running out of planned scenes quickly!
    Good luck on that pitch! Those are so hard to do.


  9. I’ve written my “to do” list so it encompasses three days. Mon. Tues. Wed. If I get 3 things done on Monday, then the rest will have to wait till Tues. Same with today. What i don’t get done today, will have to wait till Wednesday. And so on. I like having the option of choosing when to do whatever.
    Of course, some things are more time-sensitive than others. They always get done first. I had seven tasks listed….I have done four of them yesterday and today.


  10. Planning to write while the thoughts are in my head and figure out later how to incorporate parts of the first 30k I wrote. Also, working on organizing so I can find things better…writing guidelines for places I want to submit things to, writing contests, and list of places to submit guests blog posts.


  11. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I’ve truly loved browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing in your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon!


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