The Dream Vacation

Number 3 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge prompts is:

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world where would you go? Use vivid detail and prose to describe the experience you would like to have.

This photo was taken in Spain.

Vikki kicked off her leopard skin flip flops and wriggled her toes. Twenty feet away the turquoise waves lapped gently against the shoreline. She shielded her eyes from the sun and took a step out onto the warm sand, her feet sinking between the tiny grains. Turning back she checked to make sure she had left the French doors open. The white voile curtains dancing in the early morning breeze confirming she had.

Making her way down to the waters edge she waited for the next wave to wash over her feet, expecting it to be cold. But it was luke warm and tickled between her toes. Behind her was a row of beach huts. That’s what they had been called in the holiday brochure, and although they resembled a small tribal village, they were a long way from actually being huts. The brochure had also said the accommodation included queen sized beds, ensuites and a small hot tub outside each room on a private patio that led straight out onto the beach. Unusually, they hadn’t exaggerated.

There was only one ‘hut’ with the doors open, her own. Not unusual at 6am, a ridiculous time to be up on a holiday Sunday morning most people would say. But Vikki enjoyed the stillness of that time, the beach was deserted. The only sound, the cooing of a bird high above her head in a palm tree. She knew that in a couple of hours the beach would be a mass of brightly coloured towels and bronzed bodies. It was then that she would retreat to the shade of her room.

Walking back to her patio the fine grains of sand clung to her wet feet. She frowned, knowing she would now have to wait until they dried before entering the room or cover the luxurious chenille rug with the scratchy minute particles. Jumping up and down, she slid her feet across the marble tiles in a futile attempt to dislodge the excess.

The wicker chair creaked loudly as she sat down. She winced, afraid that any strange sound could wake Rob from his slumber. She froze, but heard no sound from inside. Opening her notebook on to the next clean page she picked up her pen and began to write. An idea that had been bugging her for days began to take shape in the words that flowed. And as she lifted her pen from the page a cool breeze brushed her shoulders and she told herself that this novel, would be the one.

He he he, I enjoyed that! πŸ™‚

I don’t have a dream vacation destination….just give me a beach, some sun, a cool breeze, my notebook, and as long as every morning is like that, I’m happy πŸ™‚

Whats your ideal vacation?

23 thoughts on “The Dream Vacation

  1. That’s a great story! It made me think about what a vacation in Tahiti might look like. πŸ™‚ I don’t have a dream destination, but I’d take a trip to Tahiti if given the chance.
    I’m with you, thouhg. Warm sunshine, a beach, some pen and paper… I’m good to go!


  2. Yours sounds good! I always love the look of those adult only resorts (not the saucy kind! ;-)) with white sands, blue seas and every luxury you can imagine. I recently saw a hotel (online) in Mexico with mini pools for balconies (yes, even on the top floors!) I wouldn’t say no to that!


  3. great post, Vikki. Reminded me of a few years back, when we found a little hotel on a tiny Greek island with nothing to do apart from eat, drink, play backgammon and read. We used to have breakfast on the terrace then walk a few yards to a table under an umbrella and sit there until it was time to get ready for supper. A great way to recharge flat batteries – and I got so much reading done.


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