Am I Branching Out Into Erotica?

Prompt 9 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is:

You’re sitting in a cafe when you look up and see… Write a fictional piece about what would happen if you saw a celebrity in a coffee shop.

“Is this seat taken?”
Jo looked up into a pair of steely blue eyes, the most gorgeous she’d seen in a long while and gulped.
“No, please.” She gestured with her hand, expecting him to pick up the chair and take it with him to another table, but instead, he sat down opposite.
“Thanks, you’re a life saver.” He leaned forwards, pushing his floppy blonde fringe out of his eyes. “Can we pretend we know each other?”
Jo frowned. She’d heard dozens of pick up lines before but this was a new one. Having been single for 6 months she felt in need of some male company. Perhaps it would be fun to flirt, even if this guy did look at least 5 years younger. He must have realised what she was thinking.
“Oh, no, sorry, I… See that group of girls over there…by the sugar?”
Jo leaned sideways so that she could see behind him. There was a group of giggly teenage girls in school uniform staring at them.
“Yeah, sorry, I dont…” But before she could finish her sentence one of the girls came rushing over to the table.

“Hi!” the young girl squealed. The guy smiled meekly. “I just wanted to say im a HUGE fan. I LOVE your stuff!” She clasped her hands together excitedly and looked back at her friends.
“Thanks. Im sorry but, im with a friend I havent seen for a while and…”
The girl looked dissapointed. “Oh, sorry, I just wanted to say Hi and ask if you could sign my book.” She took out a small notebook and pen from her satchell and placed it on the table.

The guy scribbled on a page and handed it back to the young girl with a smile.
“Thanks!” She backed away, then turned and rushed to her friends.

Jo hadnt realised she had been sitting with her mouth open, it was only when the guy laughed that she closed it.

“Sorry about that.” He stirred his coffee.
“No, its quite alright.” Jo found herself staring, hoping that she would recognise him, because she was sure she probably should. There was an awkward silence.
“I take it that happens a lot to you then?” Jo finally found the courage to ask.
“Yeah, every time I leave the house.”
“Oh, right, what do you do?”
The guy looked shocked. “Seriously? You dont know who I am?”
Jo shook her head.
“I dont often come across people who dont know me, it makes a change.” He rummaged in his Moleskine messenger bag and pulled out a CD which he slid across the table.
Jo looked down at the picture on the cover.
“Ohhhh…” She felt embarressed. All five of the guys together they were instantly recognisable as “Boys Inc” the hottest new boyband currently on the planet so Jo’s 8 year old neice had told her, and she should know, she had a poster on her wall above her bed. But on his own, this guy looked like an average 23 year old. He even had a spot on his chin. He slipped the CD back into his bag and stared down into his coffee. Jo felt sorry for him.
“Look, do you want to go somewhere else?” Jo was shocked at her own boldness, it wasnt the type of thing she usually did.
“Thanks, but its the same everywhere I go.” He sighed.
“I know somewhere you’ll be left alone, I promise.”

He he he….So where is Jo going to take him? I’m sailing very close to the wind here on this one turning into Erotica lol 😉

26 thoughts on “Am I Branching Out Into Erotica?

  1. Perhaps she’s going to kidnap him — tie him up in her cellar and hold him to ransom. Hee, hee! Or am I talking about bondage here? I challenge you to write a hot sex scene, Vikki, but hope it doesn’t leave you reaching for a cigarette!


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