Where Do I Start?…


Its been a while hasn’t it 🙂

But i just couldn’t cope with moving house, Nano and blogging, all at the same time.

The house move went well 🙂 I now have a STUDY! *grins stupidly*
My desk is a 1950’s military desk and it’s brilliant 🙂

As for Nano…ha ha ha, what a mare that was! I decided to write the novel by hand, and after 2 weeks only had 11,000 handwritten words….but then, I was seeing everyone crossing the finish line and it made me determined to finish. There was no way I wanted to ruin my record of finishing every year…house move or no house move 😉 So I put the novel away and started writing short stories on the laptop. I did 30,000 words in the final week, crawling over the finish line at lunchtime on the 30th *rolls eyes*


So now I’m back 🙂 All unpacked at the new house and enjoying my study. But now what? I’m not sure. I think I need time to think, time to regroup, re access and reevaluate what I want to do, with my writing and other stuff. I want to finish the novel (A Little Whistle) and I’d still like to do that by hand, then type it up as the first part of the editing process. I think I will take this month off though, and start again in January, using the 100K in 100Days challenge to keep me motivated.

I will try to get back into a routine with the blog, gawd, I have missed it and you guys 🙂

So tell me…what have you been up to? How are you all?

And in the meantime, the lovely Bridget Whelan is offering her new Creative Writing book – Back To Creative Writing School – for FREE today. I am soooo looking forward to reading it 🙂

12 thoughts on “Where Do I Start?…

  1. Welcome back. It’s sensible to have some time off, epsecially after nano, and over Christmas. I always find the festive season hard on writing time. Will have a look at the free book – can never resist a free book.


  2. About time too. I wonder what you think you’re up to taking time off to move and so on. I see no reason you couldn’t have written from the moving wagon and every day after NaNoWriMo. You kids, you’re all part timers. Why when I was young I’d have been feeding the baby, cooking the meal and checking in with you !
    I’m glad you’re back
    Penblwydd Hapus a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  3. I’ve so, so, so missed you, Vikki D: I love your new office space. It’s really warm and cosy looking — and tidy (for now?). I think all the joints in my hand would seize up if I even tried writing three pages by hand. Addicted to my PC. Really pleased to have you back from your NaNoWriMo mountain climb 🙂


  4. I bombed NaNo this year. I just couldn’t get the motivation though I think the story could be a good one if I have it half a chance. My creativity has been absent. This time of year tends to put me in a nasty funk. I’m moving to warmer weather for winter. Maybe that’ll improve my writing.


  5. Good to see you again! Glad to know that the move went well and love your new space! I have changed my blog, but I am not satisfied with the look or functions so may be changing again.


  6. Thanks for the mention Vikki and it so nice to have you back where you belong…(It’s all right, I won’t sing.) This one day Amazon promotion is really quite exciting behind the scenes, watching the virtual book fly off the virtual shelves…India has ordered two. Yeah!! Spain three….! I know, I know…


  7. It feels like it’s been forever! That’s awesome that you finished NaNo despite the house move and everything else life throws at us. Yay! I look forward to reading more blog posts from you now that December is here. I was going strong on a new novel I’ve been working on, with plans to write another 50 pages or so in the final week, but… that didn’t happen. But that’s okay, I aim to write at least that much over the next week or so now that I’m feeling a bit better. Happy writing!


  8. Congratulations on your NaNo win, which was no small feat considering all that you had going on. I love your study! It even has a bookshelf–and of course, a view. 😉
    I finished NaNo as well, but I’m glad to be back in the revision of the novel I finished in October. I think my NaNo story needs a lot more structure, and an ending, before I take it any further!
    I’m glad to see you’re back, and look forward to reading what you’re up to next. I missed you too!


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