My Dream Home

Prompt 13 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is:

Describe your dream home as if you are living in it now.

Every morning I am woken by the sun casting its rays across the floor and ceiling of my bedroom. With each season the light changes, but the sqwarking of the seagulls is constant…

I climb out of bed and wriggle my feet into my pink fluffy slippers. I hate pink, but as they were a present im showing willing, whilst gritting my teeth. Still, theyre comfy, I just dont look down.

I make my way downstairs where Albie greets me by wagging his bum (Pugs cant wag their tales, theyre too tightly curled) and fill the kettle. As I wait for the water to boil I throw open the french doors to the balcony. Theres a chill in the air and I take a deep breath, filling my nostrils with the sweet scent of seaweed and salt.

With The Hubster at work, me and Alb will spend the day flitting from the garden to the balcony. He’ll watch me write and we will take a walk on the beach after lunch. But first, its tea, shower and dress, so that I dont give the Tesco delivery driver a fright when I open the door.

I know I havent described my dream home in detail, but thats because I dont have any real requirements, apart from location 😉 Its funny how similar my dream home is to my dream vacation. I think if I actually lived here I’d never want to go away…

This house is a 3 bedroom end of terrace in Whitstable, currently on the market for a bargain (ha ha ha) price of £650,000 *sighs* (I can get a 4 bed detached where I live for £300,000).

This got me thinking…if I did actually live in my dream home, wouldn’t there always be another house I lusted after? If you’re a millionaire and can afford any house you wanted, would you ever really be content? Or am I over analysing this? Lol

9 thoughts on “My Dream Home

  1. Hi Vikki ~

    To answer your question, “If you’re a millionaire and can afford any house you wanted, would you ever really be content?” I say yes, because as long as I’m dreaming I would have a FEW houses scattered around the world. I’d have one in England, that’s for sure. And France, probably near Ingrandes, a small town near the center of the country where I lived when I was a little girl. My college roommate lives in Rome now so I’d need one somewhere in Italy. In California, I’d need one here in Half Moon Bay and then another up in the city (San Francisco) so I could spend the night if I went to a late show and didn’t want to drive the 30 minutes home. That would be more of a penthouse apartment with views of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’d have a cabin in Maine because so many of my ancestors were from there I’d want to continue my genealogical research. I have friends and family in Arizona, so I’d have one there as well, although hotels might suffice for visiting. And something near a ski resort somewhere. I don’t ski, but the resorts always look so lovely in the movies. Not that I’ve thought about any of this – much.

    I have a rich fantasy life. 🙂


  2. This is lovely, Vikki! I’ve often dreamed about that, as I’ll explain:

    You asked, “If you’re a millionaire and can afford any house you wanted, would you ever really be content?” If I was a millionaire, I would have houseS. One in England, of course. Another in central France where I lived as a little girl. My college roommate lives in Rome so I’d have to have one in Italy, perhaps Tuscany. A larger home with land here in Half Moon Bay. A little cabin in Maine so I could continue my genealogical research. And something near a ski resort, I don’t care which country. I don’t ski, but it looks so lovely in the movies. 🙂 Daydream much?

    I’d probably have to be a billionaire for all that, especially because I’d likely need my own plane to travel to all these places. I have a rich fantasy life. 🙂 I’m sure I could have just one house and travel a lot.

    I better get writing so I can afford all that!


  3. That’s a good question, Vikki. Millionaires and celebrities most often have multiple homes, so I guess you may always lust after another home, another location. And as long as you had the money you’d be able to buy them, but I’m not sure about being content. Content to me is being happy where you are, but having several homes all around the country/world doesn’t sound like contentment.

    I liked that you raised such an interesting question because of this challenge. 🙂


  4. Think this is a bit unfair on you as you’ve just moved – don’t want to sow the seeds of discontent so soon! I am one of those people who always look in estate agents windows even when on a day trip (drove my husband mad!) so I would have thought I would be firmly in the camp with those who are always been hankering after a different, better house BUT I fell in love…with the house I’m in. And what was even better my husband fell in love with it too. It’s not perfect but this is love – you skip over the imperfections. So if I got a lot of dosh – I would stay here & buy holiday homes in Ireland and Italy and New York (we are talking about a lot of money aren’t we?) and install a lift – it’s got four floors and my knees creak at the thought…


  5. I share your dream home! I love the sound of the gulls, the smell of salt and seaweed on the air and the constant movement of the sea. When we walked from Whitstable to Herne Bay we saw some new builds as we climbed the hill into Herne Bay, right on the waterfront. Little Juliet balconies at the back, access straight onto the beach. Amazing! I’d be scared of flooding, though – although I guess they thought of that as the houses were on stilts I think!


  6. My dream home would be the house I live in already, but with everything repaired that’s currently broken (which is quite a lot), redecorated inside and out, and a proper wardrobe for my clothes that are presently hanging on a rail gathering dust. And of course, my dream home would come complete with a twice-a-week cleaner, so I could get on with my writing.


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