A Change of Direction…

Hi guys 🙂 How are you all?

Me? Well, you know, keeping my head above water…just.

This break from blogging has given me time to think and I’ve come to the conclusion that i need a change. Ive recently had the change of scenery (the house move) which has been great….but I’m still not feeling inspired to write fiction, even with my new study 😦 But what i am feeling inspired to do is BAKE! lol

Why am i finding so much pleasure in cooking at the moment? Is it because its a creative act that gets a quick result? Does that make it more fulfilling? I don’t know. But what i do know is that combining my love of writing with my love of food seems like a natural progression. So I’ve started a new blog…

The Kitchen Adventure is where i’ll be blogging from now on, well, for the foreseeable future, in the hopes that it will lead me back to fiction at a later date. I have to stop beating myself up and if that means taking a 6 month break from writing it, then I’m not going to see that as a bad thing. I want to have fun, i want some adventure, I’m bored…and if I’m bored, you guys reading this blog will be too.

Ive joined the RNA New Writers Scheme again, and I’m probably going to submit the Mills & Boon type novel i wrote back in 2012 (remember that? Sorrento Sunrise). I do have another couple of ideas for novels, and I’m hoping, that taking a break, one will call me…does that make sense?

Anyway, I’m so sorry i haven’t read any of your blogs recently, I’ve felt kind of hermit like to be honest, perhaps its the weather lol. Please don’t hesitate to e mail me (addy on the About me page) if you fancy a chat. And in the meantime, if you fancy some cake porn…just click the link above 🙂

Vikki xxx


16 thoughts on “A Change of Direction…

  1. Aw, sorry that you wont be blogging here for the foreseeable future. On the other hand I do love some cake porn so I’ll be sure to follow you there to keep in touch.
    I imagine it’ll be relief to be writing about something other than writing though.


  2. I ticked ‘Like’ before realising that maybe I’m not keen on this idea after all. You could cause me to dehydrate badly with all the drooling I’ll be doing on a food blog whereas this blog was without dangers. Hopefully you’ll keep this blog live and maybe make the occasional post if you find the urge to write hits again. I promise I shall sit here in my chair becoming more skeletal by the day waiting.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  3. Hi Vikki. It’s a great idea to take up a new challenge and I’m sure it will inspire you, should you go back to writing. Just be careful not to get into the habit of eating everything you bake! Enjoy yourself – you only get one chance at life and sometimes the mantle of ‘writer’ can feel more like a millstone. Sue x


  4. I enjoy cooking as well as writing, so will now go and check out your new blog immediately. My very first blog was a writing one, but I ran out of ideas pretty fast as I prefer doing my writing, to writing about writing. I think you were incredible to keep it up for so long and I’m sure some new fiction will fly into your head, just because the focus is on something else and you’re not trying too hard or feeling obliged to come up with new ideas.


  5. I have literally just come out of the kitchen after baking some health oat breakfast cupcakes (the recipe requires a little tweaking) so I can’t wait to see what you will create in your kitchen 😀 x


  6. Oooh, cake! I’ll be right over. 🙂
    Sometimes a break can be just the thing to discover what it really is you want to write. I’m sure that whatever direction you decide to pursue, the results will be delicious!


  7. Well, apart from the baking, this sounds a bit like me. First time I’ve visited any blogs for a while and not been too good at posting either. I wonder how long it might take me to come up with and equally appetizing excuse?


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