O Is For…

Good morning readers and fellow A-Zers 🙂 Today i have a dentists appointment *groans* so I’m trying to force myself into a positive place lol

Its “O” day in the A-Z Challenge and now we’re past the middle i can see the end in sight. Remind me next year to do something i can schedule lol 😉


My random word today is Orange lol

…..If you want to tread the story that appeared here you’ll find it in a recently published anthology of Mermaid Tales 🙂

25 thoughts on “O Is For…

  1. Seeing Sarah’s crossed arm attitude I think I’d definitely go for the second though maybe I’ have her cowering under the bed so Toby doesn’t see the blood.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


    • Thank you so much Maria 🙂 I tend to think that my writing is a bit too simplistic (if you know what i mean) but i guess as long as people “get it” i should stop worrying about that.



  2. I prefer the kitten. I think Toby named the kitten Tiger, and it was maybe his parents who made assumptions about imaginary friends. Adults often underestimate kids.

    I hope Toby gets to keep his new purry friend!


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