Q Is For…

Another day, another letter lol…i’ll be well and truly in need of my day off tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Its Q day on the A-Z Challenge and i don’t know whats been more difficult. Doing the story for my random word, or finding a letter Q to take a photo of!

My random word today isย Quiet

“Shhhh, quiet!” Sandra hissed from her desk in the middle of the library. It was something she had to do on an hourly basis. She had to be careful though, if she’d just had a drink she would end up spitting all over the book she was reading.

Sandra hated her job. School Librarian was the position you took if you couldn’t get into one of the town Libraries. Even one of the Universities was considered a level up from a secondary school. And the children? Sandra had only been there a year when she’d decided that in her own marriage they wouldย definitelyย  be remaining childless.

She looked at the clock above the door. Five minutes to go and she could kick them all out. Lunch break would be over and while the children were in their lessons she would spend the afternoon tidying up the mess they had left. Why they felt the need to get out 5 books each she would never know and although it meant she would have to put them back, it was better than the books being returned to the wrong places.

“Shhhhย quiet!”

Some of the children looked round and stared at her. Their eyes flicked to the clock. She couldn’t really complain. The headmaster was nicknamed “Hitler” and the children were terrified of him. It was the only threat she had to keep them in control.

A bell rang in the distance and before Sandra could even stand up there was a clattering of chairs, bags hurled over shoulders and in a blur of navy blue they were gone. One girl did at least say thank you as she slammed the door behind her. Sandra winced as she did so. The library returned to silence.

Surveying the damage she saw that there were only a few books left on the tables. She returned to her own book, 5 more minutes wouldn’t hurt. But as she started to read she became aware of a low whisper. She looked up but the room was empty, the small library arranged in such a way that she could see down every aisle from her antique oak desk. The noise stopped and she returned to her book. But the moment her eyes focused on the last word she’d read the whispering started again.

She slammed her book down on her desk. “Ok, thats it, who’s in here? Lunch time is over.”

There was only one corner of the library where someone could hide. It had happened once before when a year 7 had wet himself. She stomped down the aisle towards the back of the library, fully prepared to see someone cowering in the corner.

“Right, come on, out of there…” She lent over the table, but the space was empty…


Ha ha ha…ok, this one is going on a bit….i know “who” is doing the whispering, but its gunna take me a couple more paragraphs to get there lol. Sorry guys…this is the first “unfinished” piece I’ve blogged for the A-Z challenge (I’m usually famous for unfinished pieces, i get bored so easily lol) …im just surprised I’ve managed to get to Q before having one ๐Ÿ˜‰

So who’s doing the whispering? Too obvious?

Happy Easter!

See you all Monday x

27 thoughts on “Q Is For…

  1. Obvious? may be. In a library it could only be a Ghost Writer! One of those clever people who do all the work but never get a credit. They’ve got to haunt someone, somewhere. A grumpy librarian needs a good fright!
    love Sue X


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