Friday Fiction – A Day In The Life

Todays piece of fiction was scribbled in my notebook yesterday and was inspired by two things:

  1. An exercise in The Creative Writing Coursebook where you had to write a day in the life from the POV of an inanimate object.
  2. Dominic’s weekly photo that he posts to our FaceBook group, which is this:








Sitting in Starbucks, trying not to fall asleep i chose to write from the POV of….no, you tell me…who am i?


7am: I know she’s up. I can hear her in the kitchen. “Hey! Come on!” She doesn’t hear me, she never does. Im just a tool…i feel used.

10am: Well, thats a relief. She realised she’d left me in her handbag. Im so glad to be out. Spending the night with that Chanel purse was no fun, so up herself, just because she’s pure leather! Back on the desk now where i belong. I have a view of the garden from the window. I love the summer, all the daisies on the front lawn sunbathing. I wish i could sunbath, but i fear i’d melt!

1pm: Ive been picked up and put down so many times i feel giddy with delight! The pens have been misbehaving as usual. I can see one of them ending up in the waste bin. Its always sad when we lose one, but another is always waiting eagerly to take their place.

5pm: Thats it for the day. Ive been zipped up and placed on top of that moany journal. I guess i’ll have to put up with his whiney doom and gloom all night now.

8pm: I was right…i feel like throwing myself off the desk!

9pm: Oh dear, that didn’t go very well. I wriggled and swayed, the pens helped. But we ended up falling into the waste bin. I just pray she notices in the morning. It doesn’t bare thinking about, what could happen. Of course, the pens are terrified. Blue Bic is beside herself. Im trying to stay calm and positive, for their sake, but inside…im scared. Isn’t it cleaning lady day tomorrow?

8am: Its dark, i can’t see anything. I can smell boiled cabbage and…ewwww….whats that? Cat pee? Its hot and i don’t like it. Wait, theres a tiny hole…if i can just…there…i can see daylight. Where i am i? There are the daisies, looking as content as ever. But wait…whats that bleeping noise? I recognise it, but can’t quite place…And then i see it…the huge metal monster with the ugly stained teeth…and the men who feed it…


Awwwww, what a shame lol

Did you guess what it is?


15 thoughts on “Friday Fiction – A Day In The Life

  1. It’s a very clever piece of writing but I can’t decide what it was. It melts in the sun; it lives in a zipped container; it lives on the desk or in your bag. What am I? I haven’t a clue.
    love Sue X


  2. I was guessing your phone, but the pens part threw me off the scent. Then I thought note-book – but wasn’t sure about it melting in the sun… Nope, you got me!


  3. ‘Blue Bic is beside herself’ is my favourite part, I just immagined a bic running around screaming! Ok, I stop it here! I have no clue, I was going for the phone as well after thinking about your notebook. Last guess is a laptop…But I’m not sure!


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    • He he he…well…if you want a happy ending perhaps he falls out of the bag as the rubbish goes in the truck and a rubbish man picks him up and takes him home for his daughter….how about that Sam? 😉 xx


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