Influential Blogger?

Good morning…its a lovely sunny day here in Kent and after a hectic (and often stressful) weekend I’m looking forward to getting back to a routine. Tomorrow i start the 100K challenge and I’ve decided to use it like Nano and write the 4th Novel. 1000 words a day? Piece of cake! Remind me i said that next month lol

I said last year that i would no longer be accepting rewards. I don’t blog, or read blogs as much as i used to, so its hard for me to pass them on. But, i just had to share this one, because i feel so honoured.

The lovely ladies at The Write Romantics have given me a lovely mention. Please go and check it out. If you’re a romance writer you really should be reading their blog 🙂

So this morning I’ve had the fun of choosing a new notebook (you know how good that feels!) for all the notes i’ll be making over the next hundred days. Ive decided to go for my Smythson one…if its good enough for Queenie 😉









Affectionately known as “51” (so that at some stage i can index them all, yeah right!) this will now be my “Presence” bible 🙂

51 notebooks over 3.5 years….is that good or bad? lol…and thats not including the “journals” ha ha ha.

Oooooo, I’m so looking forward to writing the first word on that first page lol…wish me luck!

How many notebooks & journals do you have sitting on your shelves?



13 thoughts on “Influential Blogger?

  1. I am down to about twenty but that was as a result of having a journal tidy out where I copied out the scribbling from some of the cheaper less pretty exercise book type notebooks and transferred them into proper notebooks instead, as well as journals and project notebooks I also now have one with blog post ideas that I scribble down for see at a later date, things like if I have read a book and there is an issue raised which I think deserves further insight than just a comment in a book review etc. 😀


    • Good for you Paula! I’d love to condense mine down but i wouldn’t know where to start lol. What i tend to do is go back and fill in the gaps of ones that are not quite filled lol



  2. Well done and Congratulations on the award. I find it strange that we both have nominations for that award and both blog about them on the same day using the award as the title. Is this a case of great minds thinking alike?????
    xxx Massive Hugs Vikki xxx


    • Hi Maggie 🙂

      Ahhhh, yeah, so do i…im never without a notebook lol

      I have a few friends who use ring binders. I guess the benefit is that you can change things around, group things up easier.



  3. Erm, reluctant to count. I used to have journals/notebooks in my single days before children, then stopped for a bit. I have a box full in the loft and a few more recent ones. Not quite at your dizzy heights though. Do you write by hand for Nano? I did the first time and completed Nano but tried using a laptop the second time and failed miserably.


    • I can’t put mine in the loft Rachel because you can guarantee at least once a week i need to find something lol

      I tried (try being the operative word!) to do Nano by hand last year and failed miserably…ended up resorting to the laptop. But, if I’m honest, i do prefer to hand write…try telling my arthritis that 😦



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