Friday Fiction…On A Monday

I didn’t get chance to blog at all last week. What with the 100K challenge and then the internet going down for 2 days (GRRRR!!!! Don’t ask *rolls eyes*) but, i have got back in to reading, and watching rather a lot of a certain TV show…so its all good.

Just a quick piece of fiction today that was written in response to Dominics recent photo…









Clare opened her eyes and stared up at the cracked white ceiling. Something pricked on the back of her hand. She looked to see she was attached to a drip. Pulling at the sticky tape she removed the needle and winced. As she pushed the bed cover back she swung her feet out and dropped down onto the cold tiled floor. The draft up her back made her skin goose bump and she realised she was wearing a hospital gown, like the one she had seen her granny wearing when she’d hobbled around the cancer ward not caring if anyone saw her knickers. Clare cared, and with one hand holding the back of her gown she hobbled towards the door. Behind her machines by the bed bleeped.

Opening the door she was faced with a long bare corridor, and memories of the accident began to flood her mind. John? What had happened to John? Quickening her pace she shuffled down the corridor, her legs not moving as fast as she wanted them to and emerged into a bright open space that looked like a nurses station. No one stood behind the desk. She lent on the chest high surface and called “Hellooo?” But there was no response, the place was deserted. As she moved further down the corridor she opened doors, checked rooms, but all the beds were empty, sheets pulled down as if their occupants had just got out. Where was John? The nurses, the Doctors, the patients?

Confused, the pain in her legs growing stronger Clare made her way to a window and pressed her nose up against the glass. Abandoned cars and ambulances littered the hospital entrance. A taxi, its doors wide open sat lifeless on the green that was usually so full of smoking patients, or at least, it had been, when she had visited granny.
“Whats going on? Where is everyone?” She mouthed the words but no sound came from her lips.

Behind her she heard a noise and froze. A low growl that sounded like some kind of animal, but unlike any she’d ever heard. Shaking and frightened to breath she turned slowly and saw a dark shape go past the door. It paused, its breathing rapid, and then was gone.


Ive been watching too much Haven lol

I think Clares woken up from a coma to find all the people have vanished. What the dark growly shape is…i haven’t a clue…yet 😉

7 thoughts on “Friday Fiction…On A Monday

  1. I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award, Vikki. Now you’ll have to waste more time on the internet!

    Well you don’t absplutely have to do it.


    • Awwwww, thank you Patsy, but I’ve stopped accepting awards 😦 I just don’t feel that its fair for me to accept when i hardly ever get time to read other peoples blogs anymore. I just wish there were more hours in a day lol

      But thanks for thinking of me 🙂



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