Yet Another New Blog

A few friends suggested that i give Albie his own blog, and as we’re off on holiday tomorrow i thought i’d give it a go.

Its going to be good practice, getting into the mind of a Pug as, for the new novel, i need to get into the mind of a house! Don’t ask lol

I haven’t written every day this last week, I’ve really struggled to get back into writing since returning from Swanwick, so I’m hoping, this coming week i can get lots done as I’ve now fallen way behind on the 100K Challenge.

On the other hand i might just do lots of reading and let Alb take over for a week 😉

photo-22Albie’s Blog – A Pug’s Life and Adventures







9 thoughts on “Yet Another New Blog

  1. You writing the dog’s blog is OK, but I’d be more impressed if you could train him to write your novels. (You’d still have to proofread though, dogs are rubbish as spelling)


  2. Yes, why do dogs get to go on holiday and we cats either stay home with a minder or get packed off to a cattery! We love our routine and don’t like it changed. Down wif dog holidays!
    from Geri and Pebbles Pope XXX


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