Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

A HUGE thank you to Heidi at The Teenage Writer and Cheryl at Creative Muse 365 for both nominating me for the Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award 🙂

I am honoured and soooo chuffed 🙂 I love getting awards, especially ones I’ve never received before. It’s nice to know people enjoy my posts 😉

Sooooo, now for the rules…..Like most of these awards it’s a case of passing it on and listing some stuff you don’t know about me. Is there anything you don’t know about me? Really? Are you not bored yet? Lol 😉

Seriously, as I’m a rule breaker, let’s mix this up a bit….. 7 questions….you guys tell me what you want to know. So I’ll answer the first 7 questions in the comments ok.

Now, for the nominee’s……..I’m going to pass this one on to my top commenters 🙂

LouAnnn at On The Homefront And Beyond
CC at Honesty
C B Wentworth
Robin Coyle
Kirsten at Write A Book With Me

And lastly Elliott at Brain Splats who is officially on my list, but, of course, he’s not a girly *snigger* Elliot, please feel free to consider yourself nominated for the “Sisterhood” award, but I won’t embarrass you by splashing it all over your blog, unless you’d like me to? 😉

Ok, over to you guys *bites finger nails nervously* 7 questions……???????

I’m Feeling All Appreciated :)

Oh my 🙂 I am feeling pretty chuffed. The lovely CB Wentworth has nominated me for the Reader Appreciation award, and said some lovely comments about my blog. Thank you so much honey 🙂

I love this community so goddam much!

In order to accept this award I need to do the following:

List something you’ve been up to lately
Nominate 6 other blogs

Ok, that’s pretty simple lol….something I’ve been up to lately? Hmmmm….*thinks* ok, harder than I thought, you guys know everything anyway! Lol

Ahhhhh, I have it! 🙂

Dieting *groan* and very unsuccessfully I might add lol. I mean, how can you write and diet? The connection between tapping away at the Netbook and chocolate seems soooo right, don’t you think? All those coffee shops, lattes, cake, muffins…..mmmmmm 🙂

The idea of doing my editing whilst munching on carrot sticks is just not doing it for me!

So there, now you have it, I’ve said it, I’m supposedly on a bloody diet, but, it’s not going well lol. I am a member of a gym but I’m just far too busy to go (so I tell myself) 😉

So now for the nominees. This is getting so hard, making sure I don’t nominate someone who has already had the award lol. I’ve had a few new followers recently, so I’m going to nominate my new readers, show my appreciation 🙂

Paula Acton

Robin Coyle

Rough Wighting


Silverfox @ SpecialSpice

Just Coop It

Do check out these wonderful bloggers who have just started reading my posts. Thanks guys, you’re brilliant, all of you 🙂


This post got me thinking….. What’s your favourite writing snack? The thing you love to nibble on whilst you’re tapping away on those keys? And the first person to say carrot sticks will also get a filthy look 😉 lol. The picture above is of one on my favourites….little cheesy biscuits *dribbles* lol

Versatile Blogger Award

Apologies to Janet over at Postcard Fiction for the delay in dealing with this award. But, what with the A-Z Challenge I’m very conscious of only making one post a day 🙂


So thank you Janet, for the award….here are 7 more useless facts about me 🙂

1. I got married on the first available Saturday after my 18th birthday 🙂


2. I still miss my little dog Bill who died nearly 2 years ago 😦


3. I collect Rumtopfs lol


4. I paint my nails. I alternate between red, black and purple. My 3 favourite colours.


5. My favourite cheese is Brillat Savarin.

6. I have a purple case for my Netbook.


7. I wear black eyeliner nearly every day. My favourite is the Dior waterproof one 🙂

Will have to pass this on at a later date, when I have time to do some research on who has already had it lol 😉