Be My Guest, Or Not ;o)

There seems to be a lot of “Guest Posts” flying around at the moment (have you noticed or is it just me? Lol)

I read with interest fellow blogger Joe Pineda’s (The Bard of Steel) post entitled “Spotlight” where he wanted to showcase fellow writers. Unfortunately, he realised that the only person who was actually benefitting from this was himself. He has now decided to scrap the idea. Read all about his thoughts here as its a very interesting post, with some thought provoking comments.

Also, recently, another blogger I follow, Chris at Write To Perfect, requested people come forward to be guests on his blog (that’s where we had the discussion about me not being a writer lol) and you can find that post here

Both these guys (do go and read the very interesting posts!) have big hearts, and want to showcase people that they themselves like, which IMHO is a great idea, I love it….. But, there does seem to be a downside * wags finger* you readers don’t seem to click the linky things, so, like Joe said, who does it actually benefit?

I would love to have people doing guest posts on my blog, I know a few authors. But, would my readers be interested? If I was asked to do a guest post on someone else’s blog, would you follow the link, would you read it?

So now I’m torn….to have guests, or not to have guests? that is the question…..
Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Have you had a guest? Been a guest? Perhaps I should do a poll lol 🙂