Who’s Afraid Of Copyright?

Sorry, no Six Sentence Sunday again this week….I’ve just got so much I want to say! Lol

So where was i? oh yes…..I am, and probably more so after reading Debi Gilori’s story. I was alerted to it by Nicola Morgan on Facebook recently. If you have time, please go and read Debi’s story.

If not, I’ll try to give you the gist…..

Basically a publisher approached her asking her to do a children’s book about the Tobermory Cat. But, a guy who created a Facebook page for the cat, wasn’t happy about that, and she has subsequently become the victim of cyber bullying by what appears to be members of the Facebook group.

The cat is a stray, so not owned by anyone and a huge argument has ensued on who actually owns the copyright to The Tobermory Cat. The guy who set up the Facebook page is claiming that his “idea” has been stolen and is taking legal action (according to the Facebook page).

Nicola has recently blogged about this, Copyright, Words & Images so please do go and read it. It’s very important, that you, as a writer, or a blogger, know what you can and can’t do 🙂

I just had to ask Nicola a question that’s been bugging me for a while, regarding all the workshops and classes I attend. Her response was interesting and I will be printing it all off and sticking it on my wall that’s for sure!

Do you worry about what you write on your blog sometimes?

ps – the photo above is not The Tobermory Cat, I wouldn’t dare! It’s my Treacle, who could quite easily be known as The Rochester Cat 😉