Sex and The Writing School – Swanwick The Last Day

What a great start to the morning! At 9.30 we were talking about sex, well Erotica to be exact 😉 Della’s class was excellent, and I learnt so much! Now trying to get my head around whether I could actually try writing some *gulp* 😉

Was interested to hear that one of the top sellers in the Erotica market are books based on Gay men. Apparently, Gay erotica is read by heterosexual women. Well, I think I may have to do some research now lol

During the break I decided to go for a walk, and I made a new friend lol


After my chat with the cows it was on to my last short story session with Linda Lewis. Linda gave us a tip on a technique which involves not only writing the beginning of a short story, but the end. I’m afraid, even with that tip, I still didn’t manage to come up with an ending for the start of my story I’d written in an earlier class *deep sigh* Why am I so crap at endings?

In the afternoon we attended the AGM and then it was Dregs Party on the lawn. I didn’t have any dregs to bring, but I did manage to grab a glass of white wine and actually change into a dress 🙂

The evening speaker was Helen Lederer who’s talk was entertaining.

She read an extract from her book which was very funny 🙂

I spent the rest of the night in the bar with Jayne, Maddie and Kate putting the writing world to rights until they deserted me to go to the disco *all say awwwwww* No, it was fine really, I wanted to finish packing!

So that was the last day 🙂

I’m so sorry I’m behind with replying to comments and your blogs. It’s been lovely, but I do miss my little online community 🙂

Oh, and thank you to everyone who has followed me on Twitter @vikkithomp I’m still not sure exactly what I should be doing and I don’t even know what a hash tag is! Lol

So if anyone could direct me to a Twitter for dummies type thingy, It would be much appreciated????? 🙂

Going home this morning after breakfast….sad, but happy and inspired…..roll on next year! 🙂