How To Be Happy In 5 Easy Steps

Ok, I know, I shouldn’t be here right? But I just had to get involved in Rebecca’s Meme, because I’ve been feeling a bit down (what? On a lovely relaxing break?) which I think has been induced by the looming birthday next week. It’s not that I’m scared of age, just that birthdays are bittersweet nowadays and the whole stressy writing business has taken its toll.

Anyway, back to being tagged by Rebecca in her “How To Be Happy Meme” 🙂

I’d been thinking about this recently, after a session at Happy Club with Peter Jones (if you’ve not read How To Do Everything and Be Happy I highly recommend it!!!!) where we were making lists of things that made us happy and trying to find ways to incorporate those moments into our lives.

I went straight home, opened a brand new journal and wrote this on the first page.
I now have a journal dedicated to living the best life i can. So far I’ve written about 20 pages!

So thank you Rebecca, this is exactly what I needed right now.

Vikki’s How To Be Happy in 5 Easy Steps

1. Eat cake! Things are always better after cake 😉

2. Have hobbies and interests! Do things you enjoy – make the most of every moment!

3. Make sure there is ALWAYS someone who is pleased to see you! Friends and family are important.

4. Buy a new pair of shoes! Gorgeous new shoes always make us girlies happy 😉

5. Own a pet! Unconditional love, from a furry friend is just the best!!!!!!

Just writing those down has made me smile 🙂

So those are my 5 top tips on how to be happy, or what makes me happy. Now it’s your turn. Give me your 5 in the comments box…make me smile 🙂 And if you want to post this on your own blog, please link back to Rebecca’s and feel free to tag.