Faber Session 9 – Dialogue

Ok, well coffee and cake was enjoyed at The British Museum last night. Lemon drizzle which was rather nice. So I sat for an hour, reading my book, nursing a latte and looking at this view 🙂


Tonight’s class was all about dialogue…some of my notes:

Limit speech tags to the minimum.

Pinter went on bus rides and recorded conversations.

It has to serve a purpose: move the plot along, raise a question or show something about the character.

What isn’t said is very important. Use silence and remember its often what’s not said that gives more away.

Give your characters verbal ticks to make them more realistic.

Remember to use body language. A character could be saying one thing verbally, but their body language saying the complete opposite.

We then had to do 3 exercises (writing dialogue) which were very interesting, and bloody hard! Lol

It’s funny because Stephen King said that dialogue is written best by writers who enjoy talking and listening to others. Do you agree? Do you enjoy writing dialogue? It seems to be something writers either love or hate!

Will post tomorrow about my critique when I’ve recovered and had chance to absorb it all lol. I’m off to a Spa Day today 🙂

Death And The Maiden

Went up to London yesterday, to the Harold Pinter Theatre to see Death And The Maiden by Ariel Dorfman.


WOW! some quality acting and a great story, if not a difficult subject matter. Hubby bought me a copy of the script and I spent the evening flicking through.

Oh boy, would I love to write a play 🙂 I came away feeling really inspired.

I managed to get my research done…..I already knew the ‘definitions’ of the words, but it’s good to look them up and view examples.

Didn’t actually get any writing done (other than the research) but the brain cells were certainly ticking over 😉

Today, I need to move onto the next section of the course…..Imagery…..looks interesting 🙂