Emotional Response

I had a bit of a shock Thursday night……

I went out to BlueWater with my friend J for a coffee and a chin wag. J is also an aspiring writer and has also been following Judy Reeves Book of Days. I took my note book with me, to share some of the stories I’d written over the last few days, which she read. When it came to the one prompted by “things that enter through way of silence’ she burst into tears. Bless her 🙂 In the middle of Carluccio’s *snigger* We had to explain to the waitress what was going on 😉

Sorry J, if you’re reading this, it was quite funny. The waitress commented that my story must be good if it reduced my friend to tears. The subject struck a raw nerve with J…. A mother sitting in the darkness, waiting for her son to return from a New Years Eve party…..only he’ll never return because he’s been killed…..but still, every New Years Eve, she sits and waits…….

This got me thinking about my own emotional responses to the books I read. I’m not really a weepy person, although I do get upset about things on TV and in films…..but, I don’t think I’ve ever been reduced to tears by a book….oh, no, wait…..I think I shed a tear when I read Kes a couple of years ago.

So isn’t that what every writer wants? To illicit an emotional response in their readers? Should I be happy that J was so upset by my story? To be honest, I felt really bad.

Yesterday’s prompt about the hours was hard as I just couldn’t get Mrs Dalloway out of my head lol…..I’ve got a copy on my TBR (to be read…..what can I say, I’m a BookCrosser) pile….I think I’ll read it after I’ve finished the Maeve Binchy…… Anyway, yes, it was hard 😦 its funny how some have been so easy, and others I think will be easy, aren’t lol. I finally managed to write a story about a girl waiting for her date to arrive, watching the clock, but he never arrives.

Today’s prompt is write where the road leads

I think I’ll be having fun with that one 😉