The Last Full Day

I finally got to bed around midnight last night, and had the best nights sleep ive had all week! lol

As i’d decided not to do the 2nd lot of courses i spent the morning with my feet up…literally (wrapped in a cold water soaked towel) and did some writing, and reading. Get me, i should get a gold star.

I did attend the talk this afternoon, which was “A Problem Shared?” and involved a Q & A session with some of our speakers and course tutors.

Pictured from left to right: Kate Walker, Simon Whaley, Alison Chisholm, Malcolm Chisholm, Irene Yates, Lynne Hackles, Stephen Wade and Brad Ashton. Jane Wenham-Jones kept them all in check for the duration 😉

Some interesting questions from the audience but i couldnt think of anything to actually ask lol. Oh well, i’ll probably think of something later 😉

After the panel session most of our delegates went off to the workshops, but i sat on a bench (in the shade of course) and read my book.

Ive decided to go home straight after breakfast tomorrow as my feet and ankles are still swollen and another gnat bite has appeared 😦 I dunno, what a state to get in. I just need to get home now and sit with my feet up all day lol… sure that wont be difficult. Will go to the Drs on Monday if theyre no better *deep sigh*

Tonight, its the CWMBACH Male Choir and then the farewell party. Ive been told i have to wear a dress, so yes, i do have one. There is no way i’ll be getting me feet in those bloody high heels though lol 😉

Only 6 Months To Go lol

I sat down yesterday and filled out my booking form for The Writers Summer school, or what is affectionately known as Swanwick

I am sooooo excited lol.

This year we have some great course tutors……
Lindsay Bamfield on Getting Started in Fiction
Alison Chisholm on Poetry
Alex Davis on SF, Fantasy & Horror
Linda Lewis on Short Stories
Benjamin Scott for Older Children & YA Fiction
Jane Wenham-Jones for Non-Fiction Writing

Then for the short courses we have…..
Public Speaking with Phil Barber
Technology for Writers with Malcolm Chisholm
Getting An Agent with Meg Davis
Research & Family History with Roy Devereux
Writing Erotica with Della Galton
Writing For The Media with Simon Hall
Characterisation with Steve Hartley
e-Publishing with Peter Jones
Copywriting with Lesley Lawson Botez
Comedy with David Nobbs
Crime with Michael O’Byrne
Flash Fiction with Alexa Radcliffe-Hart
Writing From The Subconscious with Xanthe Wells
Write a Haunting Tale with Stella Whitelaw

Oh my god!!!!!! how the hell am I gunna choose which ones to do? Lol

On top of all that I have to decide if I want a one on one and if so, who with?

I said last year at Swanwick that I was going to return next August having had at least 1 thing published… this rate I’ll be lucky if it’s a readers letter lol 😉

I just hope the weathers a bit better this year, last year i had flu and it was freezing! I’ll make sure I take a few cardi’s this year 😉

I tried my hand at a bit of romance yesterday with the eclipse prompt, but, it didn’t work….there was still a sinister side to the guy proposing on the church roof lol. Today’s prompt is what was seen through binoculars and I already have a few ideas 😉