Lost Moments

I love having so many e mails hit my inbox every day, I get to see link after link after link lol.

The Writers Knowledge Base is one I could spend hours on lol…..in fact, sod actually writing, I’ll just do lots of writing research instead 😉

But that’s the problem isn’t it…..you can so easily get bogged down with reading articles, blogs, emails, FaceBook (the list is endless) that before you know it a whole morning is gone and you haven’t written a thing 😦

Yesterday morning I was up at 7.30 and still sitting in my PJ’s at 9.50 having just finally caught up with online stuff lol. My timetable really isn’t working for me, probably because I haven’t looked at it for a week lol.

Hubby bought me this a couple of days ago……

So what was I doing at half past 12 last night?

I’ve not started reading it properly, just flicked, but it looks great!!!! I especially like the character profile list (characterisation is my favourite part of writing…..I can sit for hours making up characters) and the way that it’s advice from lots of different authors. Will definitely be keeping an eye out to see if Vanessa Gebbie is doing any workshops in the future 😉

……and here I go again…… Just stumbled across this great resource to create characters. On Manon Eileen’s site you fill in a form and can print out your characterisation. How good is that? Oh dear…..I don’t think much actual writing will get done today now lol 😉

I did, however, manage to do part of my course…..all about beginnings…..so here are some beginnings from my existing short stories. The point of the first exercise was to have the beginning of a story where the sense of location stands out to the reader. The second was to start with dialogue and introducing the characters by name. I hope they worked 😉

Yesterday’s prompt about the binoculars inspired the start of a story of a bird watcher lol. Today’s prompt is someone is whistling.