Inspiration In Jersey

I think I’ve finally come down to earth, and gathered my thoughts about the trip to Jersey. I learnt so much about WWII and the German occupation of the island. It was all very sad at times, but also, quite inspirational 🙂

So, here are some brief notes, observations and things that I found inspiring.

The woman on the flight out who clutched a bunch of drooping hand picked wild flowers all the way to Jersey.
Dog walkers on the beach at 6am every morning.
The 3 crow bullies who attacked the wood pigeon.
The husband, who was totally disinterested in his wife’s awe at the historical site.
All the notes left on the alter at the Chapel of Notre Dame de la Clarte.
The coldness and atmosphere of The War Tunnels.
The art by Ronnie Heeps at Mont Orgueil Castle.
The quietness inside The Glass Church.
The smell of the fire in 16 New Street.
The textile art by Karen Le Roy Harris and writing by Vicky Hinault at The Jersey Museum.
The sad look on Freddie Jones face as he sat at the bar on his own.
The scariness of the Devils Hole.
The woman taking a photo of her 2 teenage daughters while a seagull tried to make off with her handbag (that was hilarious!).
The romance of The Princes Tower and the disappointment I felt when I discovered it had been demolished 😦

I took lots of photos, many of which I’ll be able to use as prompts 🙂 So you’ll be seeing a few of those over the coming weeks lol. And of course, my ideas about Louisa May Gould which I’ll tell you all about next week 😉

But above all, the most inspiring thing about the holiday was the view from my balcony. Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing against the sand and being able to sit and write, at 6am every morning staring out over the bay. That is something I will never forget 🙂


Have you ever found that perfect spot? The place where inspiration seems to come so easily?