Tales From A Notebook Part 3

I’ve been indexing my notebooks *groan* No, actually it’s not been thatbad lol. A bit boring at times, but occasionally I’ve stumbled across something useful.

Here are some pages from notebook number 3. I was experimenting with Haiku’s at the time, gawd only knows why, I’m so crap at poetry lol

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A Return To Journalling

I stumbled across a great web site a couple of days ago. Create Write Now which has a free e book download and loads of info on the joy of journal writing.

And then, I came across a post, Keeping A Journal over on The Change Blog, and then another at Writability and at this stage I’m thinking, is somebody trying to tell me something? Lol

So BAM I’m back journalling lol, and I lay the blame right at the feet of Diana M. Raab 🙂 For my birthday treat, hubby took me to Foyles in London on a book buying spree, where I picked up this…..(I won’t tell you how many times I have attempted to pick up that pen on the front cover LMAO!)

What can I say? Loved it loved it loved it! Read the back and tell me you’re not interested lol


Ok, so it says “Notebook” but, the chapters inside refer to “Journal” and include sections like The Journal as Tool & The Journal as Muse so the writers who have contributed don’t seem to place a distinction between a “writers note book” and a “writers journal”.

For me, the difference is that my notebook, I would be fairly happy for anyone to read (so long as they don’t pinch my ideas lol), but my journal? *sharp intake of breath* I’ll cut your hands off if you read all that personal stuff without my permission 😉

Anyway, so I’ve started journalling again, and it’s been good, yeah, really good, I’m trying not to whine see 😉 Trying to be a bit more constructive lol.

So, dear reader, do you journal? Do you think there’s a difference between a writers notebook and a writers journal?

It’s Just Not Working

This whole story board malarkey lol. Perhaps it just doesn’t really work with a short story. Anyway, here is my 2000 word short story, split down into scenes of a story board.

Eating Out

Not much of a plot exactly is it? *snigger* 😉

After a really unproductive day, I had a really productive evening. I managed to extend “Eating Out” into a 1100 story and even used Autocrit to check it over, which was very interesting LMAO…… I’m now hooked, paid for an annual subscription, and will be using it a lot 🙂

So I guess the Mslexia competition is out the window…..I’ll just have to find one that’s up to 1200/1500 so that I can use this story. Will spend today doing some more editing before taking it to The Write Place tonight.

Yesterday’s prompt was eating out, and developed into the story I’ve been using today. A couple in a restaurant, and I’m not saying anymore 😉 Today’s prompt is living as he did…. so I haven’t got a clue where to start with that one.

I finished note book number 9 yesterday. It’s sad finishing a notebook, but soooo exciting starting a new one. I’m now using a lovely purple one 🙂

The Writers Notebook

When I attended the first lesson of a local Creative Writing Class (run by Philip Kane) he told us to create a Writers Notebook. Looking back, it was the best piece of advice I’ve had over the course of the last 15 months. Since then I have managed to fill 8 notepads…..the medium Moleskin size.

When I started the OCA course, they advised the same, but also suggested I have a “commonplace” book. A book to contain all the visual material that catches your eye. Hmmmm, now call me a rebel, but I decided to ignore that and just use the one book for everything, which is what I do 🙂

My notebook and I are inseparable 😉 It’s the equivalent of an artists sketchbook, a place to store ideas, observations, practice skills, jot down information, review books and films, and keep cuttings that interest me. I also have a folder for larger cuttings that won’t fit in the book. I use it to make notes on my course, words and ideas that I need to research, examples of writing that I love (inc poetry and inspirational quotes) and writing prompts should writers block ever strike, which, I have to say, it never has lol…..sorry, but it hasn’t, and I put that down to my notebooks. Not a day goes by that I don’t write something in it 🙂

As I said before, I’m a visual person as well as a word person, so I was thrilled when I read Lesley Thomson’s A Kind Of Vanishing, to see that in the back of the book was a whole section where Lesley explained her inspiration and the connection between her writing and her photography. I take a lot of pictures and it suddenly dawned on me that I could use my own pictures to inspire stories and characters. So now, I do that too 🙂

I use art to inspire title ideas and have at least 2 lists of character names in each notepad. Even when I’m watching TV I’m taking notes….. The Jeremy Kyle Show has suddenly become very interesting 😉