I’m A Platform-Building Campaigner


Yes, I’ve signed up in 2 categories at Rachael Harrie’s Blog

Not really 100% sure what I’ve got myself into, but, it’s been great fun looking at the other blogs in my categories. I chose Short Stories & Beginner Bloggers 😉 The only thing is that I can’t seem to get the photo (above) to stay on my side bar….I’m wondering if it’s the theme I’m using *pouts* 😦

Yesterday me and hubby had a DVD fest. We watched all 3 of the Mission Impossible films (I say 3 as 4 isn’t out here yet). So I didn’t get much writing done lol. It’s ok though, as I’m calling it research lol…..I have permission from Write To Done who happened to send me an article yesterday which said “When you’re looking for opportunities to learn, don’t forget the movies. So much can be gleaned by watching films to see what makes them work.” Sooooo, ner! 😉

I’m finally up to date with my prompts….. The one about the skin on her cheek inspired a story about a young woman who’s lost her husband and son in an accident and the gravel road one has turned into the start of a story about a couple house hunting. Today’s prompt is write about an eclipse which really isn’t my kind of thing, but…..I’ll give it a go 🙂