The Red Violin

I don’t often do film or book reviews, and this isn’t going to be one. But, I just wanted to get down on paper (so to speak) my thoughts about the storyline of this film.

The Red Violin is a prime example of “concept” and something that would definitely be of interest to a publisher. It’s the story line that I’m searching for….the story I would love to write myself. Inspired by true events, with those events twisted, slightly, to make for a more macabre tale.

Don McKellar & Francoise Girard (the writers) took their inspiration for the story from an Antonio Stradivari violin, the Red Mendelssohn (1721), which is currently owned and played by Elizabeth Pitcairn. Her grandfather bought it for her 16th birthday for $1.7 million at auction from Christie’s London. It’s called “The Red Mendelssohn” because of a unique red stripe on its top right side, but how the stripe came about is still unknown.

Now picture the scene….. McKellar & Girard, having coffee one day, the sale of the Mendelssohn on the front cover of the newspaper (bear with me, I’m surmising lol). One says to the other…. “What if that stripe is blood?…..what if the whole violin was painted with the blood of the makers wife who died in childbirth?” And viola! A story is born.

Damn! Why can’t I come up with something like that? Why do I always come up with the boring mediocre stories that just don’t excite? It’s not fair! *stamps foot and pouts* (just kidding).

I guess I’ve just got to keep reading newspapers and asking “what if?” All the time…. Maybe one day eh?

Tell me… there a particular story you’ve stumbled across recently that you wish you’d thought of?