This Weeks Goals (18th to 24th)

Greetings from Jersey! 🙂

Yep, I’m on holiday *yay* So just imagine me with my feet up, on a sun lounger, cocktail in hand, copy of 50 Shades in the other hand (yep, I’m taking all 3 books with me so that I’m a captive audience lol).

Actually, what is probably closer to the truth is that it’s raining and we’re stuck in our hotel room lol. We’re staying at St Brelade’s Bay, the hotel is right on the beach. So no matter what the weather, I’ll be there, possibly with my brolly, but definitely with my note book 🙂

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So no writing goals this week *yay* no, sorry, *boo hiss* 😉 It will be kind of nice to get away from the WIP for a week, try not to think about it. I will however be taking my prompts book (and still doing a prompt a day) and of course, my note book for free writing 🙂

So the goals for this week are to write something every day, that’s it, keep my toe in so to speak. I should be able to manage that 🙂

Are you going on holiday this year (or you might have been already)? Is a holiday, for you, a complete break from writing or your WIP, or do you take it with you?

Apologies if my replies to comments are sporadic….not sure about Internet access here 😦 Blood will be spilt if I cant get at least a daily fix!