Oh Scrivener…Where Have You Been All My Life?

Well, I am soooo excited! Now that I’ve just completed week 2 of the Scriveners course I feel confident enough to actually use it. So I’ve set up a “Blog” project and for the last few days I’ve been compiling posts using it 🙂

This week I discovered that…

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Can You Really Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?

Well, perhaps I am describing myself as an old dog, but I haven’t got the energy to look up a nicer proverb *sniggers*

I spent much of last week working through the Scrivener course, the one I told you about, remember? Still Struggling With Scrivener

Well, what can I say… I’m loving it!

I finished Lesson 5 yesterday and what I’ve learnt so far is:

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Monday Monday…

…so good to me…

Is it?

I’ve been away for the weekend, had a lovely time, relaxed, slept, ate, drunk wine and cocktails and read. But all too soon it’s back to real life. I guess that’s what makes weekends away so special 🙂


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Still Struggling With Scrivener?

I’ve decided to give myself a little break. I’ve bought a new diary type thing (any excuse to buy a new notebook) and the writing schedule starts “proppa” on Monday 2nd September…and in the meantime…..

If, like me, you’ve downloaded Scrivener but haven’t touched it (it just looks so overwhelming!) then this course could be just what you need.

Gwen Hernandez (author of Scrivener for Dummies ) is running the online course that starts in September, and it really is a reasonable amount of dosh to join 🙂


I’m very tempted to sign up (I really need to get to grips with it before Nano).

Do you use Scrivener? Have you downloaded it but not had a fiddle yet?