Social Media Burnout?

I’ve actually started to get back to normal. Over the weekend I checked FaceBook at least 6 times. I responded to Tweets, and caught up with some e mails. I read some blog posts, responded to blog comments and even managed a FaceBook status update lol. But this got me thinking…

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Feeling Loved

I’ve now got over 270 followers. Inside I’m jumping up and down like a small child who’s just been promised a chocolate bar. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 I am still surprised that people actually want to read my ramblings lol *blush*

But….I’m the sort of person who suffers huge guilt over the tiniest things *frowns*. So what am I feeling guilty about? Following back 😦

Ok, I follow 245 WordPress blogs and about 50 Blogspot blogs. So if the blogger has updated their blog I get an e mail every day. So some days it’s not unusual for me to get 100+ emails. Blog updates I want to read and respond to. I so value the advice, support and comments I receive on my blog posts. I know how much it means to feel that someone has read your words.

My husband said to me last week “You need to decide, are you a writer or a blogger?” I pouted, I want both *stamps foot* But he’s right, I cant really have both can I?

I love chatting to my followers, visiting their blogs, learning, growing, but I just can’t physically follow back every single person who follows me, and that makes me sad 😦

Soooo, this post it just to say sorry. To the people who follow me, who I don’t follow back. I really do appreciate your support and comments, and will always reply to any comments you leave here 🙂 I will try to visit your blogs on a regular basis, I promise.

So tell me, How do you cope? How many blogs do you follow? Are you a writer or a blogger? 😉

From Cartoon Church

Would love some advice guys 🙂