Posting today’s update sat in the bar at a Premier Inn hotel in Southampton 😉

Went with my daughter last night to my first ever uni gig *snigger* Panic At The Disco were excellent and I was glad not to be the oldest one there. I was there because I wanted to go and my daughter came so I wouldn’t look like an idiot, whereas the other *ahem* older people there were accompanying their sons or daughters. So i just pretended I was just like them lmao 🙂

Didn’t manage any writing yesterday and today it’s going to be a bit thin on the ground. Luckily hubby is going to chess tonight so I’ll be able to catch up with my prompts. Today’s one is through a crack in the door which I might be able to incorporate into my ghost story….which still isn’t done 😦

Right, gotta dash….brekkie is calling 😉


I wish I’d taken my DSLR lol

A Productive Day

Yesterday was a good day on the writing front 🙂 I managed to get up to date with my prompts and do some studying!

My next OCA exercise was to take a character you’ve created and apply a ‘What if?’ to them. I had a choice of four ‘What if’s’. I chose a character I’d created recently and one of the prompts just completely jumped out as being the obvious one to use. So I then, had to write how that would affect my character. Really enjoyed doing this….my ideal writing task. Creating a character and then completely mucking up their life *evil snigger*

Go have a look at how poor Stephen Saunder’s life is just about to crumble around him. Does he deserve it d’ya think? 😉

The prompt about watching someone sleep ended up being about a jilted boyfriend who appears in a woman’s bedroom. She wakes up to find him sitting there holding a knife. The one from yesterday about the grandmother, a sorry tale about a girl being warned about men who’s eyebrows meet in the middle (what film did I get that from? Lol)

Today’s prompt is her button was undone which sounds very interesting.

Went to see The Importance of Being Earnest in London last night, and I have to admit, I wasn’t too impressed with the first half. The second half was much better, but all in all, very good 🙂

I’m off to Southampton today…..more about that tomorrow 🙂