Is That It Then?

Is it over now? All that Christmas and New Year malarkey ;o) Can I take the tree down?

So today, a return to normality? I do hope so 🙂

I managed quite well with my first writing prompt yesterday. I want to use them to inspire short stories. Yesterday’s one ended up being about a woman waiting for her son to come home from a New Years Eve party. Only, he’ll never return……no matter how many News Years Eve’s she waits for him. A bit sad and morbid I know, but what can I say…’s what came to me 😉

Today’s prompt is write about ashes

No ideas springing to me immediately, so I guess I’ll just start writing and see what comes up.

I haven’t done any work on my course these last couple of days, so I really should try to get some done….I’m just not feeling very motivated at the moment. Oh well, perhaps that’s to do with the holidays 😦

I made my first entry in my Mslexia Diary yesterday and had a quick flick through all the competitions, see which ones I want to enter…. There are loads so I better pull my finger out lol

I made my first post to the FaceBook Group Status Stories yesterday….You have to write a short story of less than 100 words. I’m determined to upload one every week 😉

And just quickly before I go…. A great quote I read yesterday regarding the New Year and resolutions…… “all manner of wondrous things are possible” Victoria Moran….2012 is gunna be a good year…. I’m excited 😉