I’m Such A Light Weight

I kind of fell into bed last night *snigger* Two glasses of Pims and i was done in 😦 So i guess it was inevitable that this morning during our first tea break i had to rush to the shop to buy some Nurofen lol…..so i finally felt human for the 2nd part of Kate Walkers course lol.

Today, Kate was talking about “conflict” which was fascinating! Internal and external conflict to be exact. It made me realise that ive often completely forgotten about internal conflict with my characters. Thats something i will definitely be rectifying when i get home 😉

At lunch i finally met the lovely Della Galton, and we ended up outside having a fag. Im now the proud owner of a signed book 🙂

The afternoon speaker was Stephen Bowkett, a childrens author who has some 50 books to his credit. His talk, entitled “Adventures of a Visiting Author” was all about his experiences of going into schools to talk to children about being a writer. He was very funny, and some of his stories were uplifting, others shocking. One thing he did say, and he says this to the kids he talks to, is “Books are like Dr Who’s Tardis. Bigger on the inside.” I like that 🙂

I chose to do my after tea session with Freda Lightfoot. Her workshop was entitled “The Yin and Yang of Character”. I partnered Christine and we ended up coming up with a character and a plot, from just one word. A very useful exercise, as, you know me, i do love a character 😉

Im not sure i’ll make the speaker tonight, my feet have swollen up LMAO…..im trying to laugh, but its not funny really. Im not sure if its the heat, all the walking around or the bloody great Gnat bites!

Still, ive learn a lot, the weather is gorgeous, and the food, toooo tempting 😉

Of course, ive had to buy the odd book LOL 😉

Sorry im so behind with all your blogs, will catch up as soon as i can, i promise 🙂