Too Much Time On My Hands?

I think I’m repeating myself, but hey, bear with me, yesterday wasn’t a good day……

The writer Thomas McGuane goes to his study every day at a set time and stays there for an allocated period. He says “I don’t have to write, but I can’t do anything else.”

Oh, if only I had a study…..if only I had a desk! lol.

I’ve tried a timetable, I’ve tried a schedule, but theres something just not right about having to use the dining room table 😦

Writing is hard. You need to find the right balance that combines willpower, relaxation, stubbornness, joy and determination. It’s not the easy option as a career move.

I don’t have any trouble writing every day, as such, but I do find it hard to get motivated and not just faff lol. Do you think Thomas McGuane faffs? 😉

I think I have too much time to write lol…..don’t laugh, it’s not funny 😉

Author Nicholson Baker said that through the years he has turned down tons of jobs because his life would be too easy, a regular income would lessen his need to write (Ian Rankin said the opposite when I attended a talk he gave, he needed the lack of time).

Soooo, does that mean I need to get a job? Lol….or that I just need to be a bit tougher on myself? Or even softer on myself? I’m not sure which 😦

I need to remember the times when my creativity flowed, when writing was easy. Capture the feeling, the circumstances. The time of day, my mood, where I was and most importantly, what kind of thing I was working on. Set myself goals, short term ones, and rewards of course….I need lots of rewards!

Then think about all the obstacles that stand in my way. Decide how to overcome those obstacles.

But most importantly…..accept that the biggest obstacle is me and that if I really wanna do this, I need to stop procrastinating.

Yesterday’s prompt about stolen goods ended up being a little tale about a husband who brought home a present for his wife for mothers day…..a stolen gift 😉 Today’s prompt is write about staying awake and believe me, I know all about that one 😉

Daily Routine

I was reading today about the benefits of having a writing routine. A friend of mine recently made herself a timetable so that she could see where her time each day was going.

I had considered myself quite lucky…..I don’t work (yes, ok, I cook, I tidy, I do laundry, but you know what I mean) so I have plenty of time available to write….. But…..Ian Rankin said Friday night, that when he was unemployed (and his wife was supporting him) he had all day every day to write. But, actually, didn’t write that much lol. He found that he wrote more when he was working and his free time was more limited. I know exactly what he means. You find every excuse under the sun, not to write, as there’s always something else you think you should be doing 😦

So, perhaps the answer is having good routines in place?

Judy Reeves says:

1) Make writing part of your daily routine, a commitment to write every day for a set period of time (however brief that period is).
2) Make an appointment to write, just like you would for the dentist or Dr….and stick to it.
3) Set your daily writing time at a time that suits you (a time that’s practical for you, taking into consideration chores, school runs and dinner times etc).
4) Vary your set time to catch yourself in different moods.

I think, for me, the best way to do this would be to allocate a time every day and add it to my iPhone diary on a weekly basis. I could then set myself reminders so that each day I get a message to tell me to write lol. I could change the time weekly to vary it.

Today’s prompt is you’re in a tent and all I can think of is Tracey Emin lol 😉