Brave? Or Just Plain Crazy?

Ok, so the writing course I took at my local Adult Ed didn’t turn out how I’d expected, and I didn’t finish the course…..although, I did produce  piece of work I was fairly proud of, which you can read here: Its called Rag Lady and is about a person I know (who is lovely by the way lol). We were asked to write a “description of a person”.

So after a fairly bad start with a writing course, I decided to give it another go and have signed up for the OCA’s Creative Writing Course My “pack” arrived this morning *gulp*

I’m excited, apprehensive, scared and nervous…but loving those feelings :o)

So from now on, this blog will be my “learning log”, sounds posh eh? lol

Will start tomorrow I guess….could I actually do this?

2 thoughts on “Brave? Or Just Plain Crazy?

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