Failing Miserably *snigger*

I was supposed to be using this blog to keep a record of my studies on my course, my general musings on what I’ve learnt so far, but, yet again, I’ve neglected it :o(

Sooooo, after I’ve got Nano out of the way I will try to post more regularly (famous last words) and see how we go…..

It seems that my whole life revolves around writing these days, not a day goes by that I don’t put pen to paper, which is absolutely crazy! If someone had said to me 2 years ago what my life would be like now I would have laughed!

Ive spent the last couple of days trying to turn a scene from a book into a radio play (or rather part of a radio play). It was an interesting task but a nightmare trying to choose the book. I’d recently read Iain McEwans Saturday and prior to that Anne Tyler’s Ladder Of Years, but being the BookCrosser that I am at heart, once I’ve read a book it’s straight out the door, so neitheroff these were in my possession. I finally decided on Angela Carters Love, a pretty morbid book to be honest lol. Found a section of dialogue between the main character and a psychiatrist and turned it into a radio play. Quite pleased with the result although my husbands comment……there’s not enough background noise, its too quiet……ummmmm, it’s a psychiatrists consulting room? *head desk*

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