Modern Technology

I’m posting today’s update from my iPad, thought I’d download the App and give it a go. Hmmmm, not bad so far lol, we’ll see what it looks like when it’s published 😉

This kinda got me thinking about my recent Nano Novella (I’m calling it a novella rather than a novel at the moment lol) and the fact that with 3 under 25’s in it, there is no reference to modern technology other than the MC checking her mobile for e mails. Something that needs sorting in the re-write I think 😉 Perhaps I’m just so use to all the kit we have around us now that I didn’t feel the need to refer to it specifically? Or is it because I am a certain age it doesn’t really orbit my world?

And talking of modern technology, what an abundance of options are available to the write now, who wants to publish…’s a minefield……give me a traditional book any day! Lol.

Today will consist of taking a piece of my writing (that is narration and dialogue and applying some questions…..these questions>>>>>


Not sure exactly if that worked, I guess I’ll see when I publish this……anyway, yesterday I had to use the question on a piece by Nina Milton, an author I’m unfamiliar with (my Amazon wish list has grown significantly since starting this course lol) which was a simple enough task…..but applying it to my own writing *gulp* will highlight just how crap it really is LMAO

Oh well, wish me luck 😉

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