I finished Nano last night…..28 days and I produced 50100 words, but more importantly, to me, is the fact that I actually have a finished story….a beginning, a middle and an end. I am so pleased with myself, but now, it’s back to work on the course.

My current task? Writing for TV/Films… turn an already written extract into something that resembles part of a screenplay. I’m beginning to think this script writing is much easier than novel writing. I’m a visual person, always have been, I can see something in my mind, but then try to describe it in words, get it down on paper *shudders*, that’s where I tend to fall flat 😦

I chose to do a scene from my current Nano story, where the MC, middle aged and overweight Christine meets the love interest Harry (who just happens to be considerably younger and very attractive) for a coffee, which culminates in fish and chips and wine from plastic cups consumed on a park bench (he couldn’t afford Champers darling, he’s unemployed and a bit of a nutter as it turns out but I digress). A sweet little scene which I can picture in my mind very easily. I’m not too sure that it comes across as well in the actual story (something to try to sort out in the re-write).

So this morning I finally typed it up, which means I can now move on to the next section of the course which is about Balanced Narrative…..1 exercise to go and then it’s assignment time. I’m hoping to have left myself 19 days to do it, which sounds like a lot, but with Christmas looming I can see a few late nights on the horizon 😉

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