I spent yesterday doing the exercise with the list…..very scary but an eye opener, as it made me realise what elements were missing (internal dialogue for example) and how, by adding those, I can make my writing sound and appear so much better 🙂

I went to Tunbridge Wells yesterday as my daughter had to do a training session, so I sat in Starbucks for an hour, with my notepad and did a few character sketches. Thoroughly enjoyable, especially the lady I christened “Maggie” a retired air stewardess, who, on the outside is vivacious, always smiling and up for a laugh…..trouble is, she never married, and now, the loneliness has crept in and the house is too quiet, so she avoids going home.

Then I went in Waterstones (has to be done!) and bought yet another writing book…..whoops!

Today I’m going to a TGIO Nano Party in Maidstone (that’s Thank God It’s Over for non Wrimos) so we can celebrate our success/failure lol. I spent over an hour last night doing a spell check on my Novella and still only got up to page 54 of 67 lol…..will have to finish that at the weekend *slump* as I’m using part of it for my assignment……which is:

A short story or extract from a longer story that makes extensive use of direct speech, as well as some internal monologue

2500 to 3000 words……. So I need to do a bit of editing, add some internal monologue and submit by the 20th. Piece of cake? Ha ha ha……we’ll see 😉

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