Pen Name

After our TGIO party in Maidstone yesterday I have decided that I really do need to have a pen name lol…..pompous I know, but hold on, hear me out ;o)

At the moment there is an American author who seems to be very successful (cosy crime I think) who shares my full name…..hmmmm, not good, she even has the domain names I’d need *pout*

If I call myself by the name I usually go by, ie shortened first name, I share it with a very famous murder victim who was killed at the side of a motorway about 12 years ago……even worse! 😦

Sooooo, what name? It needs to still feel like me (IMO), I need to feel comfortable with it and be available for domain names lol. I’ve come up with 2 options that I like, that I could live with, that incorporate my husbands name as a surname (that way I can get him to help me…sneaky huh?).

Problem? Stella Whitelaw’s words of advice are still ringing in my ears. She told me that if I was going to have a pen name, to choose something that is at the beginning of the alphabet, so that my books would always be at the front, and she should know, being a “W” lol. She said looking back now, she wishes she’d chose an “A” surname.

So that leaves me with a dilemma doesnt it….my husband being an “R” lol

Why oh why couldn’t I have married an Alan 😉

2 thoughts on “Pen Name

  1. Good luck with choosing a pen name!
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts – what I love about them is that they are bite size, written well and also written concisely, which means that I have actually got to the end in each one.
    Thanks for sharing.


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