It’s Christmas Time

It’s Christmas Eve today 🙂

Yesterday I didn’t really get much writing done…… I’ve given up on adjectives until after the ‘holidays’ so I just did some work in my notebook (tidying it up basically, adding some quotes, observations etc) and finishing a couple of short stories I had on the back burner. I hate having things unfinished lol I’m a bit anal like that 😉

I stumbled across a quote by Horace….. “Never a day without a line’ My 2012 motto?

A friend asked me yesterday what my New Year resolution is…..but I didn’t really have one. Soooo, I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided that it will be something along the lines of ‘get something published’…….anything in fact lol…..and…….make sure I go out once a week, on my own, an artists date (or more like a writers date) to just see things, and experience life outside my 4 walls and the supermarket 🙂

Right, I must crack on… all that’s left for me to say isMerry Christmas! see you on the other side 😉

In my search for a Santa pic to use on Face Book I came across this cartoon. Love it! Hmmmmm…..I feel a short story idea coming on 😉



I’m A Pussy ;)

Is “pussy” a Concrete Noun? I think it is 😉

Had an e mail yesterday from the OCA offering me a place on a Writing Course/Retreat at one of the Arvon Centres as part of my course. Considerably reduced rate, only 16 places available, all participants will be OCA students studying my course. Initially I’m thinking, oooooooo 🙂 and then, hello, reality check! All the way to Yorkshire to live in a house with 15 people I don’t know (plus 3 Writing tutors) on my own? *shudders* ummmm, no, I don’t think so lol

It’s funny…..a friend said to me yesterday that she doesn’t mind being in a crowd of people she doesn’t know when she’s with me as I’ll be the one doing all the talking lol….oh wow, how wrong can she be! Lol….I am so not really like that! She’s known me for 30 years lol

Soooo, after much consideration I won’t be going. Yeah yeah, I know it’s a great opportunity, but, there’s nowhere to hide is there. At Swanwick there are lots of places to hide. There are so many people that when I want a quiet cigarette, on my own, I can, quite easily….i wont be missed. I’m a bit of a loner at heart 😉

A shame I know, but I’m just not confident enough to go on my own *deep sigh*

Just been alerted to this page through another Blog I follow. I’d love to get involved in ‘creative’ projects in my area…..but don’t really know where to start. I’ll visit all the websites listed and see what catches my eye 🙂

Today I cracked on with the next part of the course which is all about Concrete Nouns *yawn* I had to pick some random Concrete Nouns and find other concrete Nouns that could be used to describe the originals. Actually, it wasn’t too difficult after all 😉

Right…..onto Adjectives lol

Moving Along……Fowler

Fowlers Usage & Abusage……never heard of it! Lol

Ahhhhhhh that Fowler lol.

Ok, so Fowler had this idea that basically boils down to the fact that you should keep it simple, don’t overuse words and phrases. So if you want to say that “Tom walked into town” you say just that. Not “Tom preambulated into the municipality” lol….. yeah, I can live with that 🙂

When I went through some of my own writing with Fowlers list In front of me I realised that my natural style is simple. I don’t try to overcomplicate things. I say what I want to say, as I speak, so if I wouldn’t use the word ‘ghastly’ in real life, you sure won’t find it in my narration of a story (although you might find it in dialogue….depending on the character).

So that’s another part of the course done 🙂 I’m now moving on to the next section, Language *groan*. My punctuation is shite, my grammar and syntax, hopeless…..I can’t even write a whole story staying in the same tense! Lol…..So, yes, I am a little bit anxious about this next few exercises.

In 1996 I decided (don’t ask me why lol) to do a GCSE in Englsh….. I got a C lol….. But only because 1) my oral test was apparently first class (I can talk proppa sometimes you know) and 2) my coursework essays were good (ie non fiction, one about comparing modern adaptations of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein to the original and the other about how society’s opinion has changed so much towards women). which means I did appallingly in the actual exam *snigger*

Remind me again exactly why I’m on a creative writing course? Lol


Well, I finally finished my action piece today. It’s taken me ages lol…. I wrote 3 short stories trying to get it right, the balance between dialogue and things actually happening. Anyway, all I have to do now is type it up and I’ll post it to my other blog later today 😉 I’m thinking I might use it for this 3000 word story comp i keep meaning to do, but, the trouble is it doesn’t really go anywhere, it’s just a scene about domestic violence. There I go again not writing the happy stuff lol

In my attempts to get my action piece done I did a lot of faffing (I love that word lol) about with my notebook…..and one of the things I did was an exercise on Quests….what is it that people/characters seek? Here’s my list so far…….

A Different Life
A Soul Mate/Love
A Cure For A Disease
A Purpose
Spiritual Enlightenment
Peace & Quiet
Good Physical Health
Good Mental Health
A Perfect Body
To Be Liked
A New Start
To Be Needed
To Win
To Be The Best

I’m sure there must be hundreds… this is a page that will definitely get added to over time. Something will suddenly come to me when I least expect it lol (I’ve even added 3 more since I’ve been typing this lol). All characters are seeking something aren’t they? It’s what drives the story.

I won’t get much writing done today as I’m out later, with a friend for afternoon tea….I don’t think she’d appreciate me whipping out my notebook do you? Lol 😉

Where Do The Hours Go?

Last Christmas hubby bought me a book…….this book >>>>>>>>


I have an enormous Amazon wish list and every year he picks some off the list and buys them for me 🙂 Soooo, last Christmas I had this one (amongst many others lol). At the time I just kinda flicked through it. Picked it up again in the summer, and had another flick……Fast forward to October and I came across it again, only this time, I made a diary entry on my phone instructing my future self to start this book on January 1st 2012

Judy Reeves has a great web site. So much stuff to read and I’m really excited about working with the book next year 🙂 I’m just so gutted I don’t live in San Diego *pouts*

So yes, thanks for that Judy……your web site is a complete time suck lol 😉 I should have been working on my 3000 word short story, I should have been writing my “action” piece for my course. But instead, all I’ve done is read Judy’s web site.

No, tell a lie…..i did make some notes on basic plots. The common ones that crop up all the time. You know, like Quest, Rags To Riches, Voyage, Rebirth, Revenge, etc etc. I’ve managed to compile a list of 25……I wonder if I could write a short story for each one? Hmmmmm…….

Best Article I’ve Read In A Long Time ;)

I’ve been reading Kirsten Lambs Blog for a while now, but this post is great. Although, the idea of calling myself a writer? Perhaps when I’ve had something published eh? Lol 😉 I totally see where she’s coming from, but I dunno, personally, I just can’t do it lol

Aspiring is for Pansies–Tough Love & Being a Writer.

Yesterday I was awake at 4.45am….I only went to sleep at 12.30 for gods sake! Still, it did mean that I had some nice quiet time to catch up with other peoples Blogs and make a start on my “mundane task” description 🙂 I completed that and then started to tackle the next exercise.

I have to write a piece that describes some sort of fast action. Initially, I’m thinking, ahhhhh, that’s not too hard, but I’ve gone a bit blank. Ended up getting about 400 words into a piece and giving up with it as there wasn’t enough action. Back to the start again today then 😉

I also completed and sent off another competition entry. A 2000 worder this time. Over the next couple of days I’ll be working on a 3000 word short story for another comp. It feels pretty damn good to have 2 stories now that are complete…..finished and edited (hopefully) to a fairly decent standard…..although, I’m sure if my OCA tutor saw them, she’d have a fit lol

Weekend Writing

It’s so hard to get any writing done at the weekends. With hubby at home, if I don’t get up early, ie before him, I don’t tend to get much writing done lol.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s very supportive. I just feel bad, like I’m neglecting him 😦 Friday night he watched a film and I was able to finish my current short story. It needs a bit of editing (something I’m hoping to get done today) and then I’ll submit it 😉

He’s not feeling very well at the moment, so I sent him to bed for a couple of hours this afternoon, which gave me enough time to work my way through the next section of the course, and make some notes on the next exercise.

I have to write a piece in my own voice, about something mundane I do every day. After making a list of all the mind numbingly boring things I do every day. I’ve finally chosen to write about tidying the house, something I do every morning.

So now I have the subject, I guess I better crack on and write about it lol. I did consider writing about the daily ‘de-pooing’ of the garden, but thought that would probably be going a bit too far 😉