Damn & Blast

Why is it that I always come up with ideas for stories when I’m in bed trying to get to sleep?

They say you should have a notebook next to your bed, which is all very well if you want to sit up, turn the light on, and completely lose that sleepy feeling lol…..but, if you suffer from insomnia like me and you feel yourself finally drifting off, there is no way you’re gunna jump up and write an idea down in your note book 😉

So Friday night/Saturday morning (I think it was gone midnight) I came up with the first couple of lines for a story…..but, do you think I could remember it by 6am when I woke up? 😦

Yesterday’s prompt, where the road leads was ok. I wrote about a woman who is a bully. She marries a man who’s life she dominates. The tables turn when she discovers she’s infertile and her husband blackmails her with the promise of IVF treatment (I’m such a happy soul).

I spent Friday night (while hubby was watching 24 lol) looking at all the possible competitions I could enter. There’s actually 4 I’ve got my eye on, all with closing dates before the 1st February. I’m building up a nice collection of stories, but most will need elaborating on (and some major editing) before they can be submitted….so that’s the aim over the next week. So what with the writing and the fact that I promised I’d start decluttering the house, and start cooking healthy meals, it looks like its going to be a busy week lol

Today’s prompt is on the horizon

I’m gunna try to think outside the box with this one. So far, I’ve been taking these prompts pretty literal, so I’m going to push myself a bit more. I did come up with an idea in bed last night, and I’ve actually remembered it lol 😉

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