What If?

I managed to do my story regarding the horizon. I wrote about a woman who presents on breakfast TV, The Horizon Show. Ratings are falling and the producers have bought in a young, attractive blonde to take over……she ends up pushing the bimbo down the stairs 😉

I’ve enrolled with The Write Place but unfortunately i couldn’t make it to the first meeting 😦 However, the lovely Elaine sent me the notes from last weeks class 🙂 Every week she sets some homework and this weeks was centred around a ‘what if?’ situation.

I love What Ifs? Been using them for quite a while now, for times when I get stuck 🙂 You can completely change a story by applying one and my note books are full of What if scenarios.

She also sent me info on a Lesley Pearse talk which is happening in a couple of weeks. I’m not really a fan, but, I always find it interesting to hear what successful published authors have to say, so I’ll definitely be booking tickets for that.

Then there’s Sally Quilfords Pocket Novel Workshop which I want to attend, and Peter Jones at the Essex Book Festival. I’ve applied to be a ‘giver’ for World Book Night and I’m also considering the Ian Rankin talk at the University of Sussex.

Phew…..the diary is filling up! Lol

Today, I will be trying to do some work on my course. My assignment is due in on the 20th *gulp* and I’ve not started it yet 😦 Plus, I need to do today’s prompt, which is the sound of silence (after Simon & Garfunkel). My brain feels a bit fuzzy this morning so I’ve no idea as yet what I’m going to write about 😉

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