What an awful day yesterday was :o(

I managed to type up the first draft of my story for my assignment, but, it’s only 1500 words. So I’ve got to add another 1000+ before I can even consider submitting it *slump*

I didn’t manage yesterday’s prompt, but there is a reason…..I depressed myself lol. I’m subscribed to a web site, Listverse who send me digests. Yesterday’s one was all about little known events that happened on Friday the 13th. Of course, I read it, and came across a plane crash……then from a link on that I ended up reading all about Lockerbie and the Pan Am Flight that crashed there in 1988. Shocking…..upsetting…..thought provoking. It gave me the idea for a story that I then couldn’t write :o( I will write it, but I just couldn’t yesterday……

Today’s prompt is write about “the light of the lamps and candles” (after Ivan Turgenev)……*goes off to look him up* Ahhhhh, I’d heard of Turgenev but now, I know much more lol.

I’ve still only got about 20 words of my Write Place homework *snigger*

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get much writing done over the weekend, and anyway, I need a break…..I’m feeling a bit worn out and lacking in motivation. It’s been a hard week for personal reason, so I think I deserve at least 1 day of chilling 😉

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