Running Behind

Ok, so yes, I ended up doing 2 of the daily prompts yesterday lol….. The first one, which was actually Fridays was when she looked up. I wrote a 1 page piece (better than nothing) describing a woman walking through a village when a plane crashes nearby. Yesterday’s prompt (the one inspired by Turgenev) was totally uninspiring lol….I ended up with a description of a woman entering a room full of books, taking one down from the shelf and finding a handwritten note. I don’t know why she’s in the room, who she is, or what the note says…..yet 😉

I finally completed my Write Place homework. I decided to use one of my stories that I did for the prompt, and just adapted it. I promise I will post it here after Wednesday when I read it out in class *gulp*

I know as an aspiring writer, one of the best things I can do to ‘hone’ my craft is read. But at the moment, I’m in a reading slump. My current read has been sitting next to me bed for 3 weeks lol. I read more blogs and short stories on line at the moment than actual books (is it that time thing again?). So today, I’m determined to read at least a couple of chapters lol.

Don’t get me wrong…..I’m enjoying finding things on line to read, web sites like this are a complete time suck, but sooooo interesting 🙂

So other than reading, the plan for today is to have another fiddle with my assignment, and do today’s prompt, which is write about an unfamiliar object. I’m feeling much better about the daily prompts now I’ve taken the pressure off myself to actually complete a short story every day…..but, saying that, I did have a lightbulb moment recently, and I now realise, thanks to Liz @ Libro that if I’m not enjoying what I’m writing about I struggle big time 😦 To quote Liz……. “it’s vitally important to choose a topic you’re interested in and can commit to….”

Yes, ok, I know it’s obvious!!!! Lol….. Reminds me of Iain McEwan and that I read recently that in a lot of his books it comes across that he doesn’t really like his characters (was definitely the case in Saturday which I read recently). So how does he do that? Lol

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