Got sent the link to this really interesting Guardian article yesterday. All about what inspires artists/creative people. Of course, I immediately scrolled down to see what the writers had to say 😉

I’m not too sure what inspires me, but I know what I need to write…..silence lol. It was the same when I was at school. My reports always said ‘easily distracted’ *snigger* and nothing’s changed 😉

I’m up to date with all the prompts 😉 The one about the window made me think about a recent episode of Sherlock called The Hound of Baskerville. Ok, so perhaps there is something that I know of that inspires me….images 😉 There was a scene in the episode where one of the characters was by a window at night, the the garden security light kept coming on. When I’ve lived in houses with large windows into the garden I’ve always been creeped out when the security lights come on and the whole garden is flooded with light. Anyway, my story was based on that image 🙂

Yesterday’s prompt about a sideways glance, I wrote about a woman on a tube who ends up getting stalked 😉

Today’s prompt is she was a redheaded woman so that’ll be fun…. But first……I need to get my OCA assignment done lol

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