Oh, The Relief!

Yesterday, I finally finished my assignment and sent it off…..I was getting so stressed over it lol. I’d chosen to write a story which, really, I should have given up on a long long time ago. Probably even with the initial idea to be honest lol. I didn’t enjoy writing it, and I definitely didn’t enjoy editing it lol 😉 Ok, ok, lesson learnt, never, ever write (or rather, try to) historical fiction again lol 🙂

You can read my Reflective Commentary at my other blog, and as you’ll see, it’s made me a bit, I dunno, whats the word? A bit bleugh about my writing. Which brings me nicely to……

My class Wednesday night. I was sooooo nervous!!! It was the first time I’d ever read out a piece of my work to a room full of people. They seemed to like it, not much criticism. Elaine liked my dialogue, so I came home with a smile on my face 🙂

So a rollercoaster of emotions over the last couple of days, and then this morning I read this quote by Kirsten LambFiction authors are brokers of passionate emotion” and that, it’s the way an author makes us feel (powerful, hopeful etc) that keeps us buying their work. *deep sigh* I’d give my right arm to be considered a ‘broker of passionate emotion’ lol…..not gunna happen if I can’t even write decent metaphors though is it 😉

Yesterday’s prompt, about a red headed woman didn’t inspire me to write anything, so I’ll be playing catch up with that one tomorrow.

Today’s prompt is ‘An immobile time not marked on clocks’ after Charles Baudelaire…… Wikipedia here I come! 😉

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