Just got back from a very cold and breezy Brighton. The reason for my visit? This man 😉


Ian Rankin being interviewed by Lesley Thomson as part of the First Fiction event, organised by Myriad Publishers and the University of Sussex.

I’m not really a fan, I have to say, but hubby has read a couple of the Rebus books and I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to hear what such a famous and successful author had to say. I am so pleased we went. Mr Rankin is absolutely charming, very down to earth for an author who is worth approx 25 million lol. He’s very inspiring and has a great sense of humour….so all in all, really great trip 🙂

I managed to come up with something for the red headed woman prompt. A woman has her hair done in a hairdressers, a bit of a disaster lol. Today’s prompt is write about saying goodbye and I’ve managed to come up with a very dark tale about a stalker who causes the death of the woman she loves. At the graveside she commits suicide so that they can be together *snigger*

I’m really stuck on yesterday’s prompt about time…..I will get it done today 😉

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