I’ve Cracked It!

*drum roll* I have my name in print!!!!!!! *takes a bow* πŸ™‚

Ok, ok, I’m embellishing the truth a tiny little bit lol. It’s not that brilliant lol, but, I can now say that I am officially, published *snigger*

Remember my tips for coming up with character names? No? Ok, it’s here, The Naming Game I decided to send one of the tips off to the Writers Forum Magazine and they only went and published it lol. They’ve called it “New Faces” lol

Soooo, this month I have a letter in their “Writers Circle” section. The really funny thing is though, is that my writing tutor at The Write Place, Elaine, also has a letter in the same section of the same issue lol.

I’m not gunna let fame go to my head, it won’t change me πŸ™‚


It’s a great feeling, having your name in print for the first time ever and I know that some of you who read my blog have had stories and even books published, but, for me, this is huge lol. Perhaps one day I’ll become blasΓ©, but at the moment, let me revel πŸ˜‰

What’s the first thing you had published (ie your name in print). And if you haven’t had anything published, why not? *wags finger jokingly* πŸ™‚

I’ve had a busy few days really. Went to my writing class Wednesday night and had to read out a story I’d written. It’s soooo nerve racking lol. But I did it, and got some good feedback. Then last night I went to the 2nd session of Peter Jones How to Do Everything and Be Happy workshop, which was great fun πŸ™‚

I didn’t manage to get the saxophone prompt done, in fact, I was so busy I didn’t do any writing at all *shock horror gasp* and I don’t even know what tomorrows prompt is because I’m sitting in bed writing this lol. I’ll make up for it tomorrow of course πŸ˜‰

24 thoughts on “I’ve Cracked It!

  1. Wow, congratulations!

    I got three chapters of a story I put online printed by a free sci-fi zine in Toronto, many years back. That actually happened as a crazy thing out of the blue, they found me, it wasn’t something that I submitted to them.


  2. Congratulations and keep up the momentum. I had my first story published just recently too and not only was it exciting, it was a huge relief as well as a confidence booster. I have another story (this one 50 words – go figure!) coming out this spring.


  3. Congrats! I’ve been in jewellery magazines a few times now and got myself on a front cover a couple of months ago which was amazing.

    Well done indeed!


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