In Print Again…..

…..and with a photo this time! LMAO

Sorry, I don’t usually post twice in one day, but I just had to share.

It seems I’m in the May issue of Writers Magazine Writers News section, talking about a Facebook Group I’m part of called The Seriously Serious Scribes (The SSS for short lol).


Bloody hell….this is getting serious!!!!!! Lol 😉

23 thoughts on “In Print Again…..

  1. Hi, I saw your article – the group sounds fab! How would I go about being added to it as I understand it’s a closed group? I work as a freelance copywriter/content writer/blogger and am currently working on a book, and I have a friend who is also trying to break into creative writing and she is really interested too. Thanks a lot.


    • Hi there and thanks for stopping by 🙂

      You need to contact Elaine Everest on Facebook (her profile picture is of her with 3 Old English/Dulux Dogs and she’s listed as a freelance author). If you send her a private message, she’ll let you know if there are any places. They restrict membership to 100 members I’m afraid :o(

      Good luck! :o)



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