C is for…..

Clarissa, who has been removed because I want to use her for my Nano 2012 novel.

Sorry you missed it 😦

Christ Church College Oxford

A-Z Challenge

Hmmmmm, so is Clarissa sad? Is she hiding her true feelings? I’m not too sure, I think she thinks she’s happy 😉

Yesterday’s prompt about the hot wind was totally uninspiring….was it the prompt, or the fact that I was in Starbucks writing it? Lol….. I ended up with 2 pages of dribble about a guy getting off a plane in Tenerife 😉 Today’s prompt is a stranger came to town. Now that’s more like it 😉

18 thoughts on “C is for…..

  1. I think Clarissa thinks she’s happy, but I think she would realize how unhappy she is if Mr. Right came along with a lovable Great Dane. I see him as a vet with dreams of owning his own vineyard. I see them marrying and settling in wine country. Don’t know why. That’s where it takes me. And Clarissa would run a small community theater. Then I think she’d be happy. 🙂


  2. Interesting question, Vikki. I don’t think she’s lonely or unhappy at all. I know plenty of women in their fifties who live alone, and Clarrisa appears to be living a productive life, with her dogs, and as a drama queen quite literally on stage. I’d love to have her as a neighbour – she’d be really helpful with my own big dog too.


  3. I don’t think Clarissa is sad at all. If anything, she is quite content and makes the most of what she has instead of pining for what’s missing. Solitude is a blessing for some, which is something I understand very well. I’m a bit of a loner myself, so her lifestyle sounds very appealing to me. 🙂


  4. Solitary life has its own rewards, but people are social deep down. She probably needs at least one good friend. Thanks for sharking.


  5. Ooo, nice one, Patsy. I highly recommend Canada to Clarissa. She’d love it here. Have you ever read the Miss Read stories by Dora Jessie Saint? Clarissa could easily be Miss Read.


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